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Les Fleuristes de Paris

Les Fleuristes de Paris
It's Spring and the city is in pink, purple, orange bloom. Below are the best floral gardens and places to sit and soak up the sun (take a coffee, croissant and a book); as well as some famous fleuristes. Parisians love their fleurs and flowers are instant 'homeyness'/'prettiness' added to any home.

1. Palais Royal Jardin

Feel really Parisian and wonder through the gardens at the Royal Palace, lined with trees, benches and cherry blossoms in Spring, this is the quintessential Paris image. People watch and enjoy a spring time-out!

2. Flower and Bird Market

On Sundays the Marche du fleurs is a pleasant surprise for flower lovers located just blocks from Notre Dame Cathedral (Ile de la Cite). The market is the last of its kind in Paris. Enjoy the colour and bustle as the market also turns into a rare bird market. MAP

3. Jardin des Plantes/Botanical
The Jardin des Plantes in Paris' 5eme is the locals favourite spot in Paris (even over Jardin Luxembourg) to picnic and enjoy the outdoors. In Spring Parisians flock to this floral oasis. 4500 plants are arranged by family. There is an Alpine garden with 3000 species; a large Art Deco winter garden and the Rose Garden with hundreds of species of roses and rose trees. MAP

Bois de Vincennes Floral Parc

Mixing colourful floral daintiness and green forest thickness, the Floral Parc in Paris is spectacular, you will feel like you are wondering the woods, somehow in Paris! This public park is over 28 hectares, located in the Bois de Vincennes. MAP

Famous fleuristes in Paris?

One thing you will notice as you pound the Paris pavement are the gorgeous little flueristes. Found on most corners, almost as frequent as a Boulangerie, you find beautiful flowers beg you to buy them...these little florist shops are so quaint and gorgeous, if you're not a flower lover before Paris you will be after...

@ Vertige Marais Fleuriste MAP

@ Au nom de la Rose - multiple locations website

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