Saturday, August 8, 2015

Winter Nostalgic places in Paris!

4 Winter Paris Places

1. La Pagode Cinema

  Escape the WINTER chill (or summer heat) at La Pagoda! Nestled in a quiet street, an unexpected exotic antique Japanese pagoda houses two well-decorated movie theaters, independent cinema featuring films in original! Admire the paintings, gilts, tapestries, stained-glass windows and chandeliers. Tip: arrive early for a tea in the tiny oriental garden. website MAP

2.  Tearoom: Charlotte de Isle

A gorgeous little bit of heaven on the Isl St Louis. The most incredible hot chocolate, served in gorgeous Japanese tea sets. Add cakes, sweet and savory and other delights and this tearoom is simply divine. Lovely setting and over looked by all the tourists. Address: 24 rue Saint-Louis en l'Isle 75004 MAP WEBSITE

3. Passages de Paris

The covered arcades aka “passages” of Paris were the shopping malls of the 19th century. You can breathe the nostalgic atmosphere and sip a cup of tea away or a vin away from the noisy traffic or wintery weather. Passages de Passages (pictured above) is one of the more famous MAP

4. Le Meurice Bar

Nowhere in Paris is more clichéd or romantic as the grand hotels and Le Meurice is our favourite. A glass of champagne in the bar to the right of the lobby is almost ceremonial. Oh so old world, dark and dreamy and also a great place to meet interesting people. MAP

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