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when B&Bs go Boom! The evolution of the B&B...

When B&Bs go BOOM!
Benefits of a traditional family-style B&B

What is a classic B&B?
In its’ authentic state a B&B is an occupied family home that is shared with travellers.

Guests are warmly hosted by a local and offered a bedroom, breakfast served daily, the opportunity to interact and to experience culture and real life in a regular home. It is the ultimate intimate environment and true meaning of ’home away from home’.

What is a Boutique B&B?
Boutique B&B’s are like small-scale hotels with a more exclusive feel. Guests receive all the privacy and bells and whistles of a hotel, modern technologies, gadgets and all the add-ons like room service, on-call staff and breakfast cards. 

Though more stylish and intimately run, the experience is more business orientated than family run and naturally very different to staying in someone’s home. 

Traditional B&Bs upgraded!
Today family B&Bs include some of the luxuries and small amenities that hotels and boutique B&Bs offer to ensure more guest comfort. Regardless authentic B&B hosts are still not ‘business’ people; though they are extremely professional. 

They have regular jobs so the primary goal is not to ‘make money’ but to satisfy their desire to meet guests and be hospitable. 

For most hosts serving breakfast is their favourite part of the service. They are the family you haven’t met yet.

Traditional B&B Benefits:
1. No seasonal business rates: One rate is kept year round in any authentic B&B, though discounts can be offered at various times of the year.
2. Negotiability: It is easier to negotiate (for special circumstances or stays) with a fellow human than a ‘business’ or automatic booking system.
3. Personal attention and care: You wont have to share the attention of your host with 10 or more than 2 other guests. Personal attention and tailored care for your individual travel needs are assured in a professional family home.
4. Quality is not compromised: Guests should feel assured they won’t wind up in someone’ s shabby spare room, but in an extremely polished, stylish and well-prepared peaceful room. Professional B&B hosts abide by a strict B&B Quality of Charter that includes guidelines in relation to: room size, space, ventilation, light, cleanliness, amenities, a mandatory breakfast service and opportunities for communication exchanges.
5. Value for money: a richer experience; more insider city guidance and tips.

What is NOT a B&B?
Though many variations of service and style exist to suit all travellers today, in the true B&B sense and according to the International B&B Association (PAII) any service where you do not live under the same roof ‘with’ your host; and/or doesn’t offer breakfasts served daily; and/or has more than four guestrooms, does not fit the B&B code of conduct. is an Australian service offering 130 authentic family-style B&Bs in Paris. Helping guests find the best Paris home to suit their needs via one-on-one live help. Bookings: Website:

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