Monday, January 11, 2016

Petite Pariscope. City Tips for 2016 in Paris. Whats Hot!

Petite Pariscope
What's HOT 2016

Where to Be in Paris!
A few new favourite spots to share. More Paris city tips next month - promise!

Cafe Lovers
Go to: Ob-La-Di Cafe

54 Rue Santoinge 75003 (MAP)

Sounds strange but its all style at this new coffee spot in the Marais! Expertly prepared coffee, gluten free baked goodies, a great playlist and voila, atmosphere with your coffee.

Rooftop Romance

Go to: Quarante-trois bar
92 Rue Vaugirard Paris 75005 (MAP)

A spectacular rooftop sweeping view of Paris. Need we say more?!

Brasserie Lover
Go to: Barav
6 Rue Charles-Francois Dupuis 75003 (MAP)

A little gem of a traditional wine bar that has kept its friendly old village neighbourhood atmosphere, bustling with Parisians with a fantastic wine selection and French fare at decent prices for lunch or dinner. A great stop in while walking the Marais. 

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