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Preparing for Paris. Where to Stay! Neighbourhood HELP!

With 2016 still a bebe, 1 month in, 11 more to go... we thought we would revisit one of our Petite Paris basic essentials; WHERE TO STAY IN PARIS; to help you pick the best district suited to your needs, style, tastes and closest to your sightseeing wishes! Under each neighbourhood description below is a link to see all the B&Bs and private apartments we have available for booking in that particular neighbourhood.

NOW...sit back and start preparing for Paris. And ENJOY! :)
FIRST: ‘WHEN is the best time to go to Paris?’
The truth is ANY time is a good time! Paris is beautiful in all seasons, under all weather conditions (even rain and snow are romantic in Paris) at any holiday, high or low season! You can have so much fun frolicking in the summer months to all the outdoor terraces, festivals, parks, sitting Seine-side soaking the sun, but you can also rug up in cosy winter gear and frequent the cafes for coffee avalanches, high tea treats, roving from restaurant to restaurant, meandering museums, bustling bars, lingering the libraries and more, in true romantic Parisian fashion. With that in mind August is high tourist month and also holiday time for Parisian; locals tend to flock to their holiday destinations in Provence and other fabulous places, leaving the city predominantly tourist-filled. If you want to go in the summer months and mix more with locals go in June, July or September.

One of the most important elements of holiday planning is selecting the right accommodation. Your accommodation will set the tone for your entire experience, being your starting point, your waking place, your retreat, afternoon siesta spot and your nightly cocoon. As a basis, it should be comfortable, clean and practical and there should be no skimping on the basic essentials.

For the best cultural immersion experience in Paris we stand by our love of B&Bs i- a classic B&B style of accommodation that is homely, intimate and offers a true, authentic experience of Parisian life and culture! It is much more inviting and welcoming to stay somewhere that is someone’s real home and to have a native Parisian welcome you like an old friend, rather than a paying customer as well as divulge insider local Parisian tips secrets and advice.  Paris is all about le apartment so a B&B apartment is the perfect accommodation. Petite Paris ( has over 120 B&B apartments exclusively for Australian travellers – some are unhosted and some are hosted B&Bs (i.e. sharing with a local Parisian single, couple or family) where you will be offered not only a bed and delicious homemade breakfasts but also benefit from the knowledge, advice and tips of a local Parisian and forming real relationships i.e not just conversing with the concierge, cab driver or ticket master.

FINDING HOME! Which Neighbourhood is yours?

Paris is divided into 20 districts know as ‘Arrondissements’ and split in two by the Seine River. Have a look at a map of Paris to see how the City is divided up HERE. 

Each district is like a little village within the city with its own history, culture, attractions, atmosphere, and way of life. So it’s a good idea to read about each arrondissement to decide which ‘feels like home’ to you! Generally the left bank, in particular the Latin Quarter (5th Arrondissement) is where the intellectuals and artists reside with a large student population it has a very creative bohemian atmosphere, while the right bank is more up market and the business centre so it has a more commercial element to it, with the exception of the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th arrondissements which are typically old world Parisian and more residential than the central touristic arrondissements.

A ‘Petite’ Guide:
1st and 2nd Arrondissements - the most central locations, buzzing with dizzying city action and sounds, home of many famous attractions and the upscale shopping district starting at rue Saint- Honore leading to the Champs Elysees. Many of Paris’ oldest cafes reside here. A definite commercial feel here.
click HERE to see our homes in the 1eme
click HERE to see our homes in the 2eme

3rd and 4th Arrondissement – is the popular and sought ‘le Marais’. It’s a hot spot for creative’s, bobo’s (Bohemian bourgeois Parisians) and the cool cats of Paris. It is known as the best boutique shopping spot (the only shopping area open on Sundays), for its quirky after-dark liveliness and countless bars and restaurants, cafes as well as museums and being one of the oldest neighbourhoods of Paris littered with the quintessentially narrow observe cobble streets, 16th century mansions and more.
click HERE to see our homes in the 3eme

click HERE to see our homes in the 4eme

5th and 6th Arrondissement - The (5th) Latin Quarter is the literary centre of Paris with all the old cult cafes of the well known writers of Paris, think arts, artistic types and has a bohemian ambience with the large student population, find hole-in-the-wall rustic bars, cafes and local music spots. The (6th) is the trendy, upscale and very cosmopolitan St-Germain des Pres – another very popular and sought after neighbourhood, Think grand boulevards, quintessential Parisian brassieres, well dressed classically styled Parisians in crisp lines and predominantly black attire. Shopping is divine and many of Paris’ best bars and restaurants live here too.
click HERE to see our homes in the 5eme
click HERE to see our homes in the 6eme

7th Arrondissement – Home to the Eiffel Tower this is an upscale residential neighbourhood, although it doesn’t feel like it when you are around the Eiffel Tower amongst all the tourist masses and gypsies. This is a much quieter area with its share of great cafes and restaurants though limited nightlife. Plenty of museums and Paris attractions are found here.
click HERE to see our homes in the 7eme

8th, 9th and 10th Arrondissement – surrounding the most central 1st to 7th arrondissements these neighbourhoods are good practical options for reaching the centre while still being easy to navigate quickly to all of Paris while being slightly less expensive to stay, But the exciting Paris city life is still there and strong. I would describe them as a mix of commercial upmarket and quiet residential quirky vintage boho atmosphere and the 10th is the hug of Paris’ multicultural life.
click HERE to see our homes in the 8eme
click HERE to see our homes in the 9eme
click HERE to see our homes in the 10eme

11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, - 19th and 20th Arrondissement - are arrondissements classified as blue collar residential Paris though all Parisian beautiful with their own village lives and atmospheres and own attractions to see.
click HERE to see our homes in the 11eme
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click HERE to see our homes in the 14eme
click HERE to see our homes in the 19eme
click HERE to see our homes in the 20eme

15th, 16th and 17th Arrondissement - are Paris upmarket, upscale and wealthy residential neighbourhoods.
click HERE to see our homes in the15eme
click HERE to see our homes in the 16eme
click HERE to see our homes in the 17eme

18th Arrondissement - is my favourite neighbourhood in Paris and where I call home for 2 months every year. It’s the art and cultural, creative life of Paris. Many of Paris’ French impressionists resided here and its easy to see why. Its an artfully inspiring very old-world quaint and quintessential Parisian village where life continues in the same way it did centuries ago. It’s the romantic capital of Paris. Think cobblestoned hidden laneways, hole-in-the-wall cafes and bars and it sits on the highest point of Paris with the hill of the Sacre Coeur at the centre giving the best view over all of Paris. The area is home to the last remaining vineyards and windmills in Paris and is also riddled with multiple independent theatres as well as the most well know the Moulin rouge.
click HERE to see our homes in the 18eme

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