Monday, June 6, 2016

A DIY Walking Tour in Paris - Bastille 11eme, where to go, what to do, where to eat, drink and dance!

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DIY Walking Tour - 11eme
Discovering le Bastille neighbourhood of Paris

The 11eme of Paris is an area that will leave you spoilt for choice on which amazing bar to hit, which restaurant, which cuisine, which club, live jazz show or nightclub. An international cuisine hot spot and bustling area known for its nightlife and green areas.

9am Cafes des Phares - begin with a coffee (after breakfast at your B&B of course), at the very heart of bustling Place de la Bastille at the famous Colonne de Juliet intersection - a monument commemorating the Revolution of 1830. MAP

10am Promenade Plantee - take a walk along Paris' highline. An old abandoned railway converted into a garden strip that runs for 6km giving you a birds eye perspective of Paris. Many places to sit MAP

11.30am Marche d'Aligre - A true neighborhood market, so vibrant and bustling. Open six days, the produce is affordable, the selection diverse, and the vendors highly engaging. The outdoor stalls open 9am-12:30pm only.  On weekends the market expands to vendors on various side streets. MAP

12pm Le Baron Rouge - Pre-lunch drinks at this nearby classic bistrot famous for having the largest selections of wines in Paris, and the funnest atmosphere where patrons spill out onto the street being served wine with charcuterie boards if you wish to nibble, street musicians playing and all is a beautiful blur of wine and wine glasses MAP

12.30pm Ble Sucre - a pit stop before lunch at this famous Patisserie famous for the best Madeleines in Paris. Buy a few to takeaway  MAP

1pm Bistrot Paul Bert - Lunch at this typical Paris bistro with old posters on the walls, a cosy home atmosphere and a busy kitchen. Try the pork cutlet with wholegrain mustard and the famous Paris-Brest for dessert. NOT for the faint hearted or vegetarians this is a meat lovers bistrot. Lunch fixed price approx 18euro. Or Dinner 36euro. MAP

3pm Edith Piaf Museum - You can't really take much more that 3 steps in Paris without the sounds of the famous Edith Piaf so you may as well take the trip to the far north of the 11th arrondissement to enter the museum and private apartment of Edith, and enter the universe of the singer famous for 'La Vie en Rose' - MAP
(psst nearby La Bague de Kenza, specialising in fragrant, sticky-sweet Algerian pastries MAP)

4pm Pere Lechaise- With some time to spare before aperitif hour and dinner,  enjoy an afternoon stroll through the worlds most famous and romantic cemetary, through its labyrinth of beautiful paths, enjoy the amazing display of headstones and sit and enjoy your pastries MAP

5.30pm Le Perchoir/Onze Bar - Aperitif hour at one of these 2 very different spots. Le Perchoir is a rooftop cosmpolitan bar with spectacular  rooftop views and Onze a dark regular bar with a grittier edge to it. Both friendly and delicious! Perchoir MAP. Onze MAP

6.30pm Le Chateaubriand - Dinner at one of the hottest neo-bistrot tables in town, this soberly decorated spot offers very original menus (changes daily) with unlikely combinations  Eg. Frois Gras in miso soup, teriyaki salmon with berries and beetroot  MAP

8pm Rue Oberkampf - after dinner head to this street for a glimpse of the fun and often rowdy nightlife it is known for. Lined with tempting bar after tempting bar. MAP

9pm Les Disquaries - A hip cocktail bar for amazing live local bands (and DJS) to dance the night away. A small space that can get crowded (and fun). Check the website for gigs - MAP

Midnight - end the day strolling down Rue de la Roquette poking in at all the little obscure and beautiful laneways and bars, heading towards Place de la Bastille, where we began :)


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