Monday, June 13, 2016

Australian travel service with a Petite Pulse - Paris and Lisbon B&B apartments!

B&B Service with a Petite PULSE!

What started with just 24 Paris homes, Australian run specialty service Petite Paris has now grown to 120 unique, handpicked, exclusive Paris B&Bs and apartments for Australian travellers (and 26 NEW Lisbon B&Bs).

This figure may not seem as impressive today as it might have only 5 years ago when the service first launch in 2010 (even then 24 was impressive), not with the surge of saavy automatic online booking services offering tens of thousands of homes per city.

So for a solo independent run small Australian service, where homes are sought in person and where guests are booked into homes manually through a one-on-one personal email service, Petite is a feat and fight of good old classic service and good old Aussie determination to rise above the rest and remain, despite the changing times.  (Images of the newest addition to the Petite Paris website, a deluxe historic home on the Seine river banks - click here)

Regina Ferreira, founder and owner of Petite B&Bs runs the service entirely and works to remind travellers of the assurance, quality and warmth of real human services; and to ensure the service stands out for all these reasons which set’s in apart from the rest.

Visiting Paris each year for 2 months at a time, Regina personally seeks out unique Paris B&B homes while inspecting existing homes. She registers them with the Paris Tourism Office to be officially approved and classified B&Bs that meet the Paris Tourism Bureau’s strict criteria of quality, service, safety and authenticity for B&Bs. All hosts have at least 10 years experience, must serve fresh breakfasts and interact with guests for cultural exchange experiences ie conversations, planning itineraries, language lessons, guided walks and more.

Having intimate knowledge of each Petite Paris home and it’s host, Regina is well equipped to advise her guests in person which home is right for them. Great lengths and commitment of time and work are given to every guest to ensure they are well serviced and well placed in Paris, in homes that are polished, professional and legitimate B&Bs. It is Paris after all, the home and origin of human hospitality!

The online descriptions are transparent and complete. If a home has an awkward entry, low lighting, non-allergic pillows, or if a baby lives next door, it is all written.

Making up the hat-trick service is the free travel advice from someone who is ‘like a local’. With each booking comes an abundance of invaluable city tips, recommendations and general help from Regina whose experience and passion for Paris and the B&B industry comes from a place of human generosity and kindness. She believes everything (worth experiencing) is about the interactions we have with one another and the Petite Paris service is one that even in the midst of the technological booking revolution, reminds us that human service and care is still out there if we want it, to satisfy us in ways the new services never could.

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NEW Petitebnbs website (for Lisbon B&Bs) Coming SOON


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