Monday, April 26, 2010

Paris Style: Older French Girls

If I have to get old, I want to do it in Paris.

Beauty and style is not reserved for the young in Paris. Older french women are seen as sexy and attractive and just as 'tres chic' as the young, if not more so. That's partly because they haven't been sidelined. Men's sideway glances are not just for the under 35's. French girls keep up their looks well past their 40's - as well as their far from mythical affairs of seduction and romance. (throw out 'le creme de la mer' - what a way to stay young!) Call it vanity if you will but I am always awe-struck by the simple sophisticated and classic bourgeois style of these older 'girls' when I wonder the streets of Paris. What taste, what confidence, what natural beauty, what refinement, what self preservation and most of all what fun!!! Can I be an 'Older French Girl' now sil vous plait?

This is my favourite 'Older French Girl' photograph which I took candidly in the fashionable marais district during my last winter trip to Paris. Love Love.

PP xx

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