Friday, April 30, 2010

Coiffeur Vintage & a dog named Micador

Coiffeur in French means Hairdresser. A Male one. Female would be spelt Coiffeuse (see my weekly French classes ARE paying off).
And vintage by definition is, well...vintage.

But despite its literal translation, you will not be walking out of this little gem of a shop with a 70's wedge or bouffant style hairdo's to complete your modern day, fashionable vintage outfits.

Instead you will walk out with MORE, fashionable vintage outfits.

At this central Parisien address: 32 Rue des Rosiers, 75004, in the fashionable and historical 4th arrondissement known as le marais; 'Coiffeur Vintage' is a vintage clothing shop noted for having the most on-trend secondhand clothes in the city. No wonder it's a favourite among fashion-forward Parisiens as well as my personal favourite (I am a gluttonous vintage hunter and I am a hard crowd to please).

This is 'Coiffeur Vintage' as see through the lens of my Nikon SLR (must remember to brush up on my photographic studies and upgrade to digital for future parisien snaps. Note the boulangerie across the st. mmm).

And here is a better shot.

I wonder if this was once an actual Coiffeur and the owner was just too lazy to change the sign? How cares I LOVE the wood exterior.

What's it like? This tiny shop was packed to the gills every time I walked in. I can't say 'passed by' because every time I 'passed by' I walked in.
Now you wouldn't think such a small place can hold so many winners, but magically it does; it's simply overflowing with gorgeous, unique, one-off's. It sells a mix of first and second hand clothes, shoes, a selection of accessories that has the ability to make myself almost pee with excitement and its a great antidote to the sometimes suffocating Bo-Bo style (Burgeouis-Bohemian) with its mix of androgynous punk, 80's and 90's style.

Prices vary but are consistently reasonable and male and female clothes have devoted sections. The shop receives new stock at least once a week, so although a lot of clothes always seem to be on display, it's rare that you'll spot the same article of clothing twice.

Overall a great vintage experience, complete with dog. And what vintage store wouldn't be complete with a dog (??). If vintage isn't your thing then it's worth a visit just to see 'Micador'; the resident parisien pooch who sits shyly by the register watching the kafuffle and looking terribly cute. Although it has been a while now, so who knows if 'Micador 2' is now keeping watch over les vetements.

What to buy: Jackets and Accessories. I purchased 5 jackets one day and 3 the next once. Without spending more than 120euro (then proceeded to department store for larger suitcase - note 120euro). As for accessories, this place is a total goldmine for bags, belts, shoes and boots.

What I bought: A bright orange tailored knit jacket with vintage gold round buttons, a back chuncky knit cardet (a wonderful mix breed of cardigan-jacket), a 60's black leather side-sling handbag and a gorgeous grey and blue trim coco looking jacket - a snip at 15euro.

Who goes there? Anyone who's awesome.

Metro: Saint Paul.

The fashion fiasco inside:

Other Notable Mentions:

Generique, at 68 Rue Du Cardinal Lemoine 75005. Why? because it's where I bought my love aka my chloe mini dress (see money CAN buy you love even if it is a discounted cost. 15euro thank you very much), a black parker for 5euro because it was raining that particular day and which I ended up wearing almost everyday after that.

Generique is a bit of an eyesore on the inside, with shopping trolleys used as discount 'tables', and you'd have better luck getting changed in a milk crate but a decent little find it was nevertheless. Chloe-worthy of a mention anyway.

Metro: Cardinal Lemoine

Free 'P' Star, at 8 Rue Sainte-Croixe de la Bretonnaire, 75004. Although it's tiny, oven-hot and not very brightly lit, this place is a wall-to-wall treasure trove of vintage anything. I haven't been back for a while but it was the most disorganised fun thrift shop in the city. Any city. Be prepared to loose your arms as you dig deep in 3euro and 5euro discount bargain bins, sandwiched between paris's hippest boys and girls. If you suffer from vertigo you might want to avoid the tight corkscrew staircase down to a basement (entertainment provided by a suitable retro playlist) of incredibly inexpensive leather jackets.

Metro: Hotel de Ville.

This is the jungle you face inside. Goodluck.


  1. oh, wow. i went to coiffeur vintage. and i loved it so much. greatest vintage store i've ever seen! bought two cute dresses. do you have a photo of the chloe dress? you're so lucky!

    love, B.

  2. yaaay i love hearing about others who find and love Coiffeur. i could spend a whole day rummaging! OOh i dont have a photo but i can certainly take one :) will do soon! thanks xxx