Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our Blog, Blog Buddies and the new B&B.

Ok so I'm still talking to myself. No blog buddies yet for Petite. Oh well, nevermind. Just as well the website isn't up and running yet, nor are we 'officially' operating (soon, soon). But who am I kidding, I'd love some fellow Paris fanatics to bond with and I'd love to log in to discover some comments already. Even if its just one. Anyone?

Being new to the world of blogging I wonder; am I doing it right? Maybe there are some basic ‘rules’ I should be following. Maybe I'm not writing 'right'. Maybe I'm not writing enough or as often as one 'should’. Maybe it’s the design or more so lack thereof. Or maybe there are some promotional, networking or pr-ing tools that I should be employing.

Regardless, what I know for certain is that I am absolutely loving writting le blog. So far it serves its purpose, even if it is to an empty audience. Truth is I love Paris, I love my pending B&B business and I love writing about both. And I am (quite freakishly) utterly content to keep writing anyway, hoping that simplicity and content will suffice, atleast until the arrival of:

(which i ordered over the net today); at which time I plan to become a blogging, writing, designing and networking queen.

There's just too much valuable information to share about our unique B&B’s, our hosts, our services, the districts, travel, Paris and our seasons of special discounts and promotions; just to have it all fall on 'no ears' or to slip by unnoticed. I’m bursting with impatience. Must get website up asap too.

Today we reached 51 B&B apartments on the Petite Paris roster. B&B No 361; another fantastic home stay in the art inspiring Montmartre district has just been acquired. Here are couple of snapshots.

So what do you think?

oh wait...anyone?

A bientot.

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