Saturday, June 19, 2010

Au Revoir

The day has finally come. well more sleep!! I am off to Europe and Paris tomorrow for half work half pleasure! Hence why I have been so slack this month with the posts - its been hectic to say the least preparing for this!

So I will be apartment inspecting some of our wonderful B&B's (as many as i can fit in, in 2 weeks) and fingers crossed finding more wonderful B&B's to add to the Petite Paris B&B roster. yipeee. I am so very excited! The rest of the time will be split between antique flea markets,

lounging in cafes filling up on tea, coffee and pastries,

picnics in parks, 

aperitifs, fine dining and smoky jazz clubs. and of course endless walks...

Saying au revoir mes amies - I will fill you all in when I return with lots of great Apartment photos to post and lots of paris finds to disclose.



  1. I love the flats in your photos, but the website is down, so I don't really know how to find out more. It'd be great to hear from you if Paris allows it :)

  2. hi there
    yes the website is still under construction but it should be up within the next 2/3 weeks. If you want any info at all contact me - let me know your travel dates and ill send u images of some available apartments. We can still book!! :) yay! check our facebook page too by clicking the link on the top right of this page :) thanks for stopping in, pls be patient it will be ready soon.