Monday, June 14, 2010

Blogsite or weblog

Bonjour mes amies, I know the excitement of a new blog post - sending or receiving - are the pretty pictures. So I apologise profusely for the lack of 'pretty-things-to-look-at' in this one. I just wanted to update you guys on le blog petite paris. A redesign of information is in the works. From now on our blog will function pretty much the same as our website with a listing of ALL our 60+ parisian apartments up for holiday rental, full apartment descriptions, photos and so on...the only difference is the website will continue to be used for processing your secure online  deposits to secure your paris accommodation booking. I made this decision because of a couple for reasons: 
  1. I'd like to make things more interactive and fun for you our dear friends, happy customers and potential Parisian bound travellers. You can comment on the apartments - what you like or what you don't like, whats missing, whats exceptional etc.. I really value what our customers have to say and le blog is the perfect opportunity to hear what you all want out of your parisian stay and experience.
  2. As another avenue of communication between me and you. I can answer any of your questions about our apartments, service and terms etc.
  3. As a forum for our happy customers to leave their affirmations, comments, suggestions, general feedback and to share their experience staying in one of our homes.
So each apartment will be categorised into Arrondissements as I have already begun doing and eventually Search by Price and by Apartment Type - just like the website. Of course it will take some time to get to all of our apartments up on blog so bare with me and until notified please keep referring to the official website for full apartment listings.

Well back to my public holiday lazy Lundi (Monday) searching form Paris pics for the next post =) I hope your all enjoying your free day. A bientot. x

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