Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sweets of Paris

When contemplating which exquisite parisian tea house/cafe to visit Laudrée should be top of the list.Yes i love to write about 'secret spots' of Paris but you can't avoid the big names when they are deservingly well-known and hugely popular. Decadent sweets mixed with luxe parisian antiques decor; this is my happy place!! Laudrée  is a luxury cake and patisserie tea house branded in Paris. An icon/institution in Paris founded in 1862 with it's Paneled walls, gilt accents, and bobeche-dripping chandeliers setting an elegant scene for this busy tea room. 

At the Laudrée Champs Elysees there is Le Salon Paeva

As well as La Bibliotheque

As well as Le Salon Castiglione.

Le comptoir des patisseries

Pretty tassles.

Or visit  Lauree Printemps de la mode Haussmann...

Or the Laudrée Royale - The original

How do you choose from so many...

I love cherubs

But if the luxe interior weren't enticing enough, Ladurée offers some of the city's most luscious pastries imaginable. 
Macaroons are the holy grail, and they come in a dozen flavors. Here's my little tribute to Ladurée and their glorious macaroons and other pretty stuff.

3 little macaroons??

Or perhaps a plate???

If they're not enough to send you into paroxysms of delight, look to napoleons, cakes, croissants, and pains au chocolat for your temptation. Omelettes, sandwiches, salads, and meat and fish entrees are available as well. 

isaphan rose et framboise

Ladurée confectionary - so pretty..

Wedding Dragees. Do they ship to Australia?? 

Ladurée giftboxes. the perfect gift

I never want to grow up

Prettiest menu in the world. 1 of sil vous plait. Or 2.

Laduree Louboutin

plush pastel shop window
one my favourite paris bloggers 'paris breakfasts' does exquisite drawings. Send carol your photo and she will produce a beautiful illustration of you in front of Laduree.

You can find me in paris chasing Laduree vans..

or at the Laduree carriage

This is the life i dream of. Glamour et luxury et patisseries et gateau de laduree paris..

Here are some of my favourite Laduree and Paris Patisserie books.

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