Saturday, November 6, 2010

LUXE Paris - a gift for you!! yes another..

Hi. We're just updating our website for the millionth time - seems like there's new news almost everyday which is certainly keeping us busy! - and right now we're adding the yummy LUXE Paris Guide to our Paris Guide pages,  as 'THE' MUST-HAVE resource before jetting off to Paris. In fact we think they are SO great, we've purchased a stack of them for you. Receive one for FREE (values at $19.95) when you book your Paris Accommodation with us. 'Ready Jet GO!!!'

WHAT IS IT? A consummately stylish pocket travel guide, packed with astute, opinionated information for the busy and sophisticated visitor.

INSIDE: Label as Sex and The city in a Handbook, you'll find information about Wining and Dining, Spa and Beauty, Shopping, Activities and other useful information.

ACCORDING TO LUXE PARIS IS: “Regarded as the most beautiful in all Europe, and legendarily stylish, while this lulu of a city can be sweet and coquettish, she can also be a very snooty grande dame indeed. We've taken her over our knee, given her several smacks with the manners stick and she's promised to behave. So, crack open a bottle, it's champagne time for Loulou...

Want to cut the merde and get straight to gorgeous stashes of vintage jewels and clothes and even have them customised? How about fashion, lingerie, jewellery, shirts, make-up and perfume created just for you? Teeter this way for the best steak frites in town, plus the chicest range of eateries from stellar haute cuisine to humble bistros. In a city notorious for snobby and expensive accommodation, we’ll show you the best options from luxury palace hotels to fab boutiques and great value private home B&Bs. Need your own personal museum, wine, restaurant or shopping guru? Pas de problème, cherie. Voilà, c’est LUXE!”
LUXE Paris.

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