Friday, November 26, 2010

A home in Paris this Christmas

Looking for your Christmas holiday rental? Look no further! Here are our remaining Christmas rentals in Paris:

1.    1. Latin Quarter Luxury
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View the Towers of the Notre Dame Cathedral from this private B&B.
Arrondissement: 5eme
Sleeps: 1-4
Size: 85m2
Available: 23-28 Dec
Price: 1 pers 129euro/ 2 pers 159euro/ 3 pers189euro/ 4 pers 219euro

2. Budget Beauty
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Behind the Eiffel tower awaits your comfortable Paris home.
Arrondissement: 15eme
Sleeps: 1-2 people
Size: Guest bedroom 12m2
Available: 23-28 Dec
Price: 1 pers 79euro/ 2 pers 94euro

3. Le Marais Private Studio

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Surround yourself in art and culture in the creative trendy Marais area in your own little bungalow
Arrondissement: 3eme
Sleeps: 1-3 people
Size: 35m2
Available: 23-28 December
Price: 1 pers 123euro/ 2 pers 130euro/ 3 pers 170 euro

4.  Amelie Poulain Style in Montmatre
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Plush couches, bourgeois décor, overall an idyllic girly apartment
Arrondissement: 18eme
Sleeps: 1-5 people
Size: 25m2
Available: 20-26 Dec
Price: 1 pers 119euro/ 134 euro/ 160euro/ 279euro/ 294euro

        5.  Artists Studio
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Enjoy the rare luxury of an apartment in Paris with a garden. This is an artists studio turned B&B.
Arrondissement: 13eme
Sleeps: 1-3 people
Size: Guest bedroom suite 50m2
Available: 20-26 Dec
Price: 1 pers 140euro/ 2 pers 149euro/ 3 pers 180euro

       6. Sleep on the seine
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This B&B is located within the arms of le seine on the St Louis Island in a 17th century Parisian building
Arrondissement: 4eme
Sleeps: 1-5 people
Available: 21-28 Dec
Price: 1 pers 200euro/ 2 pers 204euro/ 3 pers 264euro/ 4 pers 279euro/ 5 pers 309euro

         7. Central Paris
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Reach all the main attractions on foot. Choose to rent the entire apartment or share with your host Alain.
Arrondissement: 2eme
Sleeps: 1-6 people
Size: 47m2
Available: 21 – 30 Dec
Price: 1 pers 106euro/ 2 pers 116euro/ 3 pers 226 euro/ 4 pers 237 euro/ 5 pers 335euro/ 6 pers 340euro

Coming SOON: NEW YEARS EVE available apartments and Whats to do in Paris in DEC and NYE!!

Contact us for bookings or more info: or call 0410 716 930.
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