Saturday, November 13, 2010

you know you're French when...

you have mastered the art of restraint and don't eat an entire block of chocolate in one go...'where's the fun in that'?!!

You pronounce ‘Oui’ (yes) as ‘Weh’.

You know that ‘Terrible’ actually means ‘great’!

You love good food that is considered weird by everyone else.

Your wardrobe has become all black. With a few pieces of grey and white thrown in for some…’fun’?? 

You can no longer be bothered giving that enthusiastic bright eyed loving welcome as though perfect strangers are my long lost friends or family, instead taking on a blaze non-interested attitude which would do the French proud!!

You obsess over the presentation of a dinner set / dinner party more than the actual food.

Your at home and decide to take a shower, shave, get dressed in your pressed shirt and casually stylish pants because you’re going to go get the mail …or garbage!

You stop moving out of peoples way on the sidewalk.

You will travel 10km to buy a baguette you like rather than an average one you could get around the corner.

When you can guess the nationality of tourist by his clothes.

When you consider the Champs Elysees the worst avenue in the world.

When you agree that France is the most beautiful country in the world sadly occupied by the French.
But you LOVE IT. Like us!!! 

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