Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Paris City Guide for the Mobile Generation

Do yourself a favour and join Unlike.CityGuides - it really is unlike any other city guide!

Its a definitive City Guide for the Mobile Generation and the point at which where visitors become locals! We absolutely love love LOVE it and feel confident and excited to got to Paris now, breaking those touristy barriers and mingling and mixing in the ultimate, hippest most sophisticated places known only to those who live there. Unlike is where insiders go to ramp-up their game and where outsiders go to be in-the-know. We love love LOVE it and we're recommending it to all our guests and friends!

Unlike communicates the juicy je ne sais quoi that makes a city special. They deliver slick, sophisticated virtual tours through the cultural landscape, taking in parks, art galleries, concert venues, dance halls, eateries, museums, bars and clubs. In Paris of course but also London, Barcelona, Berlin to Amsterdam!

Unlike hits the proverbial nail on the head so that you can explore far-reaching locales in real-time.
With a worldwide network of experienced writers providing invaluable local knowledge to help you plan your trip in style. Only the most select locations make the cut, so rest assured you’re browsing the very best the cities have to offer.

There is a FREE app and an ipad magazine too! Have a look ...

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