Friday, December 9, 2011

Street Hallucinations in Paris

Ive just spend most of my day, not working as I should be, but browsing 'My Little Paris' blog that I really really shouldn't have!! Because now I'm obsessed and have just added 20 new things to see and do to my already crammed Paris itinerary!

FULL of the BEST Paris facts and finds we have come across to date, we particularly love the Cultural section with articles on the latest happenings around paris in the world of creative arts! 

So I thought I'd share what I discovered - because in a world dominated by technology, mobile phone, computers, ipads and what else...we all could do with some more child-like creativity and frivolity in our remember that a simple walk in the park, in the city, a bike ride or stroll can open our minds and imaginations if we let it, to unusual and magical images!!

Street Hallucinations: Local artist in Paris, Sandrine, turns ordinary street objects in the streets of Paris into quirky artworks of things and images only her magical eye can see. We love her because her philosophy is simple and sweet "When you are a kid, you spend hours laying down in the grass seeing/visualizing amazing things in the clouds. Well, I have decided this should never stop"...

Have a look at her blog and galleries - click here 

You can send Sandrine photo graphs of your ordinary shots and wait to see what she sees!!

That's all :) ps I know what Im gonna do tomorrow...go outside and play!!

Bonne nuit xx

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