Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Multicultural Paris

Travel around the world without leaving Paris!

Paris is a diverse multi cultural city, no doubt! Parisians love exotic flavours from couscous (one of Paris' quintessential dishes) to sheesha. Here is a mini guide for the multicultural districts of Paris where you can experience a whirlwind of colors, smells, atmosphere, music, exotic shops, people and much more,

1. Little India
From Rue Faubourg-Saint Denis to Brady smell heavy incenses and curries, and feel dazzled by colourful saris and golden Ganeshes!
Neighbourhood: 10th arrondissement  Metro: Chateau d'eau MAP
Brady Passage MAP
Rue Faubourg-siant Denis MAP

2. ChinaTown
You will feel thousands of kilometers away from Paris with everything written in Chinese, from travel agents to restaurants, brick-a-brack stores, boutiques, hairdressers and delicatessens. A fresh breeze of culture! Its the place to eat a Pho soup or a Bo-Bun. Find Tang Frères supermarkets and on a more sacred touch, numerous Buddhist temples.
Neighbourhood: 13th Arrondissement  Metro: Tolbiac MAP
Avenue de Choisy MAP    Rue de Tolbiac  MAP    Avenue d'Ivry MAP

The BELLEVILLE DISTRICTAburgeoning artist quarter and a dizzying array of cultures and also the home of Paris' second bustling ChinaTown. What started in the 1920's with Greeks, Jews and Armenians led to waves of North Africans, Sub-Saharan Africans and Chinese immigrants settling here. As a result it is a whole delicious diversity of cultures. 
Neighbourhood: 20th Arrondissement  Metro: Belleville

3. The African district
A very lively and unusual district in the 10th arrondissement. Find African specialties and discover typical and traditional stores, material and clothes, African hairdressers. The most African of all Parisian districts looks like a true souk: expect wax cotton workshops, Caribbean restaurants, Tunisian cake shops, undefined exotic groceries, and black beauty parlours...
Neighbourhood: 19th arrondissement  Metro: Barbes-Rouchechouart
Rue Goutte d'Or

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