Monday, January 21, 2013

We're in Paris - Paris sans la neige

Bonjour! Here is the latest clippings of our love affair with Paris. The past 10 days in the city of Light has gone from cold to freezing as it snows...and snows..and snows...and shows no sign of stopping! In fact record snow since 1987...and its absolutely gorgeous! and fun! Snowball fights in the streets with my neighbourhood much fun! Until I loose all feeling in my hands...

but from the start of the week that was...

 January 10 2013 - ah oui my montmartre mornings. wintery chill. mysterious and magic. i wouldnt want to be anywhere else right now ... bonjour :)

January 10 2013 - Say hello to my pretty poached plater de oeufs (eggs) ... this is divine dining before noon. Yum! Breakfast @ Cafe Charlot ... Im coming back at lunch for the famous burger and fries too. i'll stop eating like a tourist soon i swear... : D Some TIPS: dont wait to be seated - they'll think your weird, ASK for the 'special' brunch menu - otherwise they will tell you no more breakfast only lunch (its like a secret!??), food will take a while to land on your 'lap' - its busy and worth it, and dont scribble notes while observing the people, atmosphere, food etc...they will think your a foodie reviewer and be too scared to come near you - but you will get a free coffee - taDa! merci! hahaha

January 10 2013 - Today i DISCOVERED: Le Marche des Enfants - the OLDEST undercover Food Market in Paris in the marais, with an iron gate entry small enough to miss, this is a wonderfully vibrant, authentic Parisian, quiet small market and the great thing is many of the stands sell fresh prepared food that you can eat on tables with cheerful plastic tablecloths spread out through the market. Its a whole lota casual food fun...tables were filled with locals, its a bit of a secret haunt!! I loved the bouquets of vibrant flowers, I marveled at the wide selection of obscure wines, admired the gorgeous bounty of organic pumpkins, tomatoes, cauliflower, and other richly colored fruits and vegetables, and savored the treasures of a stand with fresh pasta,Italian olives and extra virgin olive oil, fresh seafood, meat, cheeses and charcuterie. Cant wait to return for lunch on a wooden banquet somewhere on the terrace with my plater of delicacies... theres a creole cafe, asian, hamburger place that was packed, turkish delights and more. GO there, this is a NEW Paris MUST for us...

 January 10th 2013 - Another goodie about being in Paris in Jan...the WINTER soldes (SALES) have begun!! If your in Paris GET READY, SET, GO ... massive reductions over a 6 week period staring this week at 20-30% going as far as 80-90% by the final week. Its the annual chaotic shopping madness...people, arms and legs flung everywhere haha but... if you do it at the beautiful Galeries Lafayette u can also discover the wonderful Xmas decorations and see that huge Xmas tree decorated by Swarovski... amazing - merci 

 January 10th 2013 I love Art after Dark... Thursday nights in Paris, Musee's are open late. @ Dali's crazy street art about to head in for the Master Surrealists Exhibition and after heading over to the D'Orsay Musee for some Impressionist inspiration. Art in the Dark, Musee Mystique ... and vino! Yes this is my Paris. Bonne Nuit Tout x

 January 12th 2013 - its Friday and im in love love love with Paris!! 

January 11th 2013 -
the morning sun in my montmartre

 January 11th 2013 - no photos allowed in musee d'orsay...just so you know! .. while i sneaked in a few anyway, sadly most of my pics this evening were not or art, but of my wondering around the streets of Paris Midnight! And its true what Woody said...its MAGIC!! (even accidental walking shots are enchantingly breathtaking

 January 12th 2013 -
...perhaps a morbid morning photo choice, but in Paris, in Winter, if the sun comes out (at all) you get outside and fast!! make the most of the strange round yellow thing in the sky before it dissappears faster than you can say croissant... and i live 20 steps away from montmartre cimetiere so this was my morning savouring the sun ... bonjourrrr!! (ps call me strange and morbid too but i love hanging out at cemetarys anyway so calm and peacefulness! Note to self: must do picnic at pere lachaise... x

 January 12th 2013 - i LOVE simple scrabbled-egg slow pyjama breakfasts parties at home; because its the weekend, its Paris and that's the beauty of a Petite Paris apartment all to myself... cooking, eating, relaxing time at home like a vrai Parisienne. Might even do lunch and vino out my balcony window ... See all our unhosted private apartments on our website then your dates in Paris - to see which one's free :) Happy do-everything-slow-today Saturday :)

 January 12th 2013 -
dear fb a paris! i enjoyed the am sunshine at Place des vosges square - divine! Explored the Victor Hugo apartment and surrealism 'spiritual' exhibition - i adore Parisian old world antiquities, interiors and mansions i swear i should have been born in Paris in the 17th C hehe, lunch Les Bonnes Soeurs - it came recommended and DID not disappoint 12eu Entree and Plat du Jour (ps Brunch menu looks amazing sat & sun), the BEST coffee in Paris is La Caféothèque - a cosy lounge room feel jammed with local cool cats and in-the-know travellers, a stroll over by the Seine Booksellers, and then I died and went to book heaven @ Shakespeare and Company Bookshop where i got lost in the poetry corner. Nothing like some street music to walk me home, picking up more cheese and loving those sparkling seine twinkling lights aaaah ... exhausement but content :)

 January 12th 2013 - Bonne Nuit from Saitn Michel

January 13th 2013 - its sunday. im going to spend it in my cosy petite paris apartment, looking out the window (Its still dark @ 7.30AM) and eating Galette de Rois (again) and imagining what life would be like living in Paris..oh wait... he he he! Happy R&R Sunday everyone! If i venture out at all today (im a wee bit exhausted) it will be for a simple loving stroll around my montmartre maze-hood :) x

January 13th 2013 - Dali Art - I loved the salvador dali exhibit in Paris. the paintings and drawings but surprisingly it was his cinema/theatre visuals - motion art - that i got absorbed in, completely. mesmerised. it was like a twilight zone dream, all was nonsense, but in the most common sense, contradicting but as Dali said 'Everything that is contradictory creates life' !! The mood was erie, creepy, intoxicating, at times disgusting but you couldn't look away. i was in absolute morbid pleasure

 January 14th 2013 -
a gorgeously grey morning in Montmartre. only paris can be this beautiful this grey... bonjour everyone! :)

 January 14th 2013 -
do u like my Paris reading material??

 January 14th 2013 -
a walk along the bohemian hood @ st martins canal in the morning.... so pretty...and i have found my new No.1 Coffee spot in Paris... stay tuned, its soooo good i almost want to keep it a secret, just for me... : P

January 14th 2013 - 
just inspected today...this gorgeous stunning apartment in the 7th...and yes its still FABULOUSLY French, chic, quaint and cosy!! If you book this Paris apartment B&B your next door neighbour will be mr eiffel himself, looming luminously right outside your window/balcon.. oh so paris perfect and romantic ♥ - read about this B&B on our website here:

 January 14th 2013 -
food de Paris. my dinner delissssssh!! @ Le Sancerre

 January 14th 2013 -
goodnight grand palais paris

 January 15th 2013 -
FOUND: Organic Cafe in Paris with Delicious breaky and BRUNCH menu. chic cool interior, couches so comfy you'd get lost in them and friendly wait staff! mmm my petit dejeuner c'est bon (this was first course, second was pancakes, third was fresh fruit et cheese...) BONJOUR BREAKFAST! Bioboa - 93 rue montmartre 75002

 January 15th 2013 -
bonjour friends...exploring Paris is so much fun but its all about moi. My interests!... which you may have noticed are mainly food (Cafes, restos), markets, museums, parcs, walks, food, cafes, food, some shopping (though mainly markets, books, food, antiques and food) food, and food ... BUT Id love to know what if theres anything specific you'd like us to discover, please post your interests...the next Paris eGuide book must be spectacular. for you!!! : ) ps. It snowed a little in Paris last night. My first snow - sigh!!!

January 15th 2013 - a few of my favourite things...a visit to antique flea market 'Marche aux puches at Porte de Vanves. it is heaven browsing the eclectic range of everything u can imagine from furniture to fashion and all in between, its an antique lovers paradise...and for the food lovers a stroll through the famous rue Montergueil is a MUST!... the big arch marks the start of the renown gourmet street lined with some the freshest most famous specialty stores in Paris and delicious homecooked style restaurants... oh and people watching of course...all in a days work, ending with a tea at the very beautiful Passage du Grand Cerf ... 

January 15th 2013 - oooh not mine but i love this. Goodnight Paris. goodnight Friends :) x

 January 16th 2013 -
bonjour paris...peering out the window wondering will it snow or will it shine today...and where will i get my coffee! @ B&B400 and @ Ten Belles

 January 16th 2013 -
excusemoi monsieur, un croque-monsieur

 January 16th 2013 - a day in paris..hit the 'Soldes' (Sales), peruse french books even though i cant understand them and be a tourist, lots of paris snaps of beautiful churches and quaint corners ... its parfait! bonne journee everyone x bis

 January 16th 2013 - enjoying blvd st germain. love this cosmo-chic neighbourhood

 January 17th 2013 -
bonjour, its morning but i have lunch on my mind ... because THIS is where i shall be having it ... Bouillon Racine ...omg quintessential paris...CANT wait for lunch with our Aussie friend from French Affair .. fancy brasserie, fancy food, fancy taste, non-fancy prices (whoo), fancy company...well not fancy but simply fabulous ... see you soon Sue :)  

 January 17th 2013 -
just booked to one very excited couple this Petite Paris B&B apartment...our montmartre chic-cool rustic-retro pied-a-terre... so bright and spacious. See it and more like it on our website - or send us your dates in Paris and we'll respond with a list of apartments to peruse :)

  January 17th 2013 -
standing on the curb of 10 rue de la grange ringing my 'good coffee' bell...or should I have 10?! ...@ Ten Belles cafe...good coffee, good food, good staff, good hair lol, good music, good ambience, my new coffee nook :)

 January 17th 2013 -
eiffel dusk. time to dream. bonne nuit tout le monde

January 18th 2013 - today i touched my first snow (parisian snow at that lol) as the leftovers stll lingered on top of tombstones at montmartre cemetary. Bought a baguette at picturesque 28 Boulangerie. and ate it all the way to La Mosquee de Paris. One of our Top 10 secret things to do in Paris. Not in most of the guide books but its an amazing experience. Feeling likeyou just stepped out of Paris for a moment its a tranquil oasis thats just beginning fpr appreciative visitors to stop and sink into reverence and self reflection. and its flat out beautiful. The Nth African cafe is one pf the most unique cafes in Paris too serving sweet mint tea (2euro) and wonderful traditional pastries in an exotic Algerian, Tunisian, Morrocan setting.Filing this under divine moments in Paris :)

January 19th 2013 - happy Weekend everyone! Stay cool my dear sydney folk i hear its a scorcher ... again! :)

 January 19th 2013 -
-4 degrees in paris...who cares ill have my coffee and cigarette with a side of freezing : D LOL

 January 19th 2013 -
goodnight from printemps...oh i wish it were!!!! brrrrr from a beautiful but freezing paris :)

 January 20th 2013 -
goodmorning my messy Paris breakfasts. yes that's croissant flakes in my coffee at Le Pain Quotidien Montmartre

January 20th 2013 -
Sante le saturday night. dancing shoes ON!

 January 21st 2013 -
paris sous le neige. magnifique. my mission was to get from home to the cafe quick! you work and people watch... So much for that..standing and staring, twisting, sliding, stomping in the snow feeling the crunch under feet, like a child, is my new joy!! and then enjoying it from the inside in a quaint cafe au lait x3 sil vous plait !!! hehe


  1. Wow! You've just taken me back to Paris....thank you :) Now I want to go back some day in January to experience the snowy Paris! I was there for the first time in April last year and fell head over heels in love! I'll be sure to ask your advice for our next trip!

  2. Thank you so very much Jennifer, I adore reading that. Happy to inspire and create dreamy moments in your day. Mais oui, come back to Paris, Id be so delighted to help you find a gorgeous home of your own and offer lots of paris tips and secrets... :)
    have a lovely day.
    Regina x

  3. Thank you Regina :) I'd like to share my experience of Paris with you if you don't mind. I wrote about it in my blog here... I really do hope that I will be in contact with you sooner rather than later to organise my next stay in Paris!
    Jen x

  4. Jennifer thank you so much for that link. I love your post, yur writting and you have captured the essence of Paris so perfectly. Heck It even got Me dreaming about how beautiful Paris is...and im IN paris right now haha!
    what stood out most to be was the word 'BE'. A big part of my life at the moment is learning to just BE.
    Magnifique. Thank you for sharing! I look forward to helping you one day soon with a Paris home and Paris tips.
    R xx