Thursday, January 10, 2013

We're in Paris ... follow our petit path...

Bonjour Parisian lovers...

Well we have arrived in the chilly and utterly romantic, wine drinking, coffee sipping, fur coat snuggling, fire crackling, wintery Paris...and oh what atmosphere. Christmas festivities still about in early to mid January, vin chaud (hot wine) stands beckoning, creperies with their tempting buttery nutella dripping, the amazing light decorations hanging about the streets,  the colourful Christmas markets full of cheer ... the City of light and love is alive with more lights and more love than ever, as families and couples flood the cobblestoned streets ... who cares about the cold drizzle, in fact it only adds to the broody mysterious and rich atmosphere. Honestly, only Paris could be this beautiful this grey...

So each week (or 2...I may be having too much fun to post on time...) I will blog photos and small little ramblings about the week(s) that was... for nothing other than a bit of Paris fun and inspiration for you all. And of course to share our new secret, favourite and fabulous places...  we're on a mission to explore Paris inside out, upside down and back to front... all will be posted and all will be added to our Bible - the Petite Paris City Guide eBook - our resource for the world of travellers revealing all the best-of-the best in Paris. Too much fun...  See/Buy the eguide Book here: )

Ok so back to the week that was...from the day we arrived, scrolling down to the more recent events... Enjoy mes amis x

Dec 30th 2012 - I have arrived...

Dec 30th 2012 - say hello to the cafes in my new neighbourhood...Montmartre! Hello my homely cobblestone village... so which Petite Paris B&B did I select for my home?...this artful quirky and cosy one j'adore -

31 Dec 2012 -  thankgod my little bundle of joy...the Petite Paris City Guide eBook...6 hrs in and i have already forgotten my favourite spots, but flicking through this bebe and its all there...YAY. Ok so breaky at Coquelicot, lunch/tea at Hotel Particulier and later tonight Doudigne for pre New Year drinks - all before rugging up and heading to the Sacre Ceour for Vin Chaud, fireworks and romance! :) Buy our Guide book here - only $7.99 -

Dec 31st 2012 - Preparing to watch the Eiffel tower for this new year :) ... to our Australian friends HAPPY NEW YEAR!! you're living in our future...ha!

 Jan 1st 2013 - how do you spend the first evening of the first day of a new a nook of a Paris bistro. of course. Sante 2013!

 Jan 1st 2013 - walking paris by nuit

Jan 2nd 2013outside my apartment does its magic dusk-time lightshow - the dreamlike tinge of purple, pinky, blue...c'est magnifique!

  Jan 3rd 2013 - SURPRISE!.... a NEW YEAR GIFT!! Book your Paris B&B with us THIS MONTH and receive a copy of our Petite Paris City eGuide Book for FREE! Get your accommodation and itinerary all sorted in a flash... :) click here for the eBook details!

 Jan 3rd 2013 - boulangerie et patisserie, passages prive, balcons, terraces, fenetres, cobble stoned rds, oh Paris...stop it! :) ♥

Jan 3rd 2013 - in the city where practising the art of restraint is done so parisian perfectly...i have none! afternoon treat...

 Jan 3rd 2013 - christmas and new year festivities still lighting up the streets of Paris. gorgeous winter walks a nuit...

 Jan 4th 2013 - rising with the morning sun...bonjour paris, bonjour friday, bonjour everyone and bonjour to our January Newsletter - Petite news and Paris tips and inspirations - have a look here:

 Jan 4th 2013 - and the most popular Paris apartment (booked the most) for 2012 was...again...Carols B&B241...the historic mansion on the Isl Saint Louis in the middle of the seine. See it here:

Jan 4th 2013 - breakfast time. lots of breakfast :D

Jan 5th 2013 - about today...montmarte madness...walked and walked off-the-beaten -track streets i had yet to explore. brunch at Coquelicot, bought a bag at secret designer consignment store jammed in an unseen corner of rue de la vieuville - La Boutique Noir - ladies GO THERE! (website below) lunch at cool cafe Marcel - enjoyed funky music and wait staff there, another quick espresso on the main drag, met an elderly french woman talking to herself, she was so sweet - and normal, practised my francaise merci, et maintenant aperitif at Miroire Caveau bar au vins - coup de champagne 5euro, dinner at Cafe Bourq and a French movie at arthouse cinemas 'Studio 28' - i love my neighbourhood. ♥ montmartre...
Here are the days photos:

Jan 5th 2013 - dusk falling

 Jan 6th 2013saturday morning bright n early at the fruit palace ... picking (and eating) my fresh fruits for the week. I love Paris life!

 Jan 6th 2013 - out le window, i see pink and yellow street lights and a little sneaky eiffel tower light show happening... i know its there and that's enough :) Bonne nuit tout le monde x

 Jan 7th 2013 - finally ventured out of Montmartre today and into my second favourite 'M' Place ... Marais! Hello delicious Harissa, baklava and strudel rolls at Chez Marianne. this place is amazing atmosphere, complete with a wall of wine, small, cosy and super cheap but delicious kosher food. sweet mint tea, heavenly...(ps dnt expect happy service just go and enjoy...)

Jan 8th 2013holidays over, its back to monday, back to le metro for le poor parisiens...

Jan 8th 2013 - saying cheers to another productive day of work and exploring paris...tomorrow we're inspecting a possible new apartment to add to our website - 94 B&B apartments and counting. Sante indeed!! :) Cafe`Bruant Paris

Jan 9th 2013up so so early to watch paris come to life... what a powerful time of day. magic mystic. so silent. its so early the lamps are still lit. Morning montmartre, morning tout le monde :) xx

 Jan 9th - someone pls stop me from eating another mini Galette des Rois. The traditional christmas/new year cake that's in every boulangerie window in Paris... Known as the 'Kings Cake” or “The Cake of three kings.” Starting from January 6th, this delicious, flaky pastry with a delicate buttery crust is traditionally filled with frangipane (almond cream paste). It celebrates the Feast of the Epiphany. and can i just say 'miaaaaam'!!!!

Jan 9th 2013 -   a sneak peak of our new paris apartment - we just inspected it today - soo amazing! amazing location! All the bells and whistles of a hotel, only its a real, authentic, cosy Parisian home, for u! ... more details/photos coming soon.... Going to Paris this year?? send us your dates and we'll send you some apartment options right back :)

 Jan 9th 2013 - pure poetry, parisian patterns, the maze of le parisian rooftops Centre Pompidou

Jan 9th 2013a quick night cap and then im going home, for real this time, promise, bye paris, so hard to leave you and shut my eyes to your perfect beauty... bonne nuit :)

Until next week..
 Au Revoir 
Petite Paris

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