Saturday, January 25, 2014

In the Paris Neighbourhood

In the Neighbourhood
A quick NEW Year guide to the areas of Paris

The Seine & Islands
Ile de Cite is the bullseye of Paris where its history begins, home to Notre Dame and the dinky flower market. Ile Saint Louis is one of the smartest addresses in Paris.

The Louvre
The worlds largest museum, home to 35000 artworks

Opera to Les Halles
At the Western end of this stretch, its all large-scale consumerism and high-end culture. To the East are sleaze, buzz and Les Halles and Les Halles mall. Southward are the Tulieries gardens providing respite.

Champs Elysees & Western Paris
The Citys most famous thoroughfare. The west end is the Arche de Triomphe and a mix of museums and grand residences amongst the urban grit and chaos.

Montmartre & Pigalle
One of Paris' most densest concentrations of tourists. Enjoy views from the Sacre Coeur and explore the romantic side streets. Pigalle is the redlight district though its cleaned up its act somewhat and safe enough to explore.

Beaubourg & the Marais
Home to the Centre Pompidou (largest collection of Modern Art in the world), the Marais, with ancient buildings and old cobblestones streets is the boutique centre of shopping Paris, a mecca for chic bars and restaurants and is also the heartland of Jewish and gay Paris.

Bastille & Eastern Paris
Not so much a revolutionary as creative these days, find around Place de la Bastille, record shops, music venues and bars.

North-East Paris
The drab Gare du Nord and the city's most multicultural neighbourhood of Belleville are here. North East is Pere Lachaise cemetery.

Latin Quarter and 13th
Home to the Pantheon and Sorbonne, academic tradition persists here. Luxembour gardens is here.

St Germain & Odeon
Intellectual heritage and some of the most expensive coffee in the city in this chic cosmopolitan area known for its fashion houses and luxury brands.

You can still feel the artistic heyday of this area from the 20s and 30s. Lovely Parc Montsouris is here too.

The 7th & West Paris
Home to Paris finest museums and the Eiffel tower, as well as smart shops and posh homes.

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