Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year - 2014 - Remember to fly... to Paris

Bonne Année
Happy New Year

"2014 has come gliding in smoothly, like the rising stars and the tinted Paris evening that proceeds the dawn. Parfait"


                                         Un 'petite' message for the New Year
                       ...Remember to fly...

      "I always wonder why birds stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the earth. Then I ask myself the same question" HARUN YAHYA


                                                  fly to Petite Paris

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Bonjour Friends
Do you feel that? It's the dawn of a new year. Feelings of hope, happy expectation, courage, motivation and good-will - all things feel anew.

Petite Paris would like to wish you, our loyal and fellow lover of Paris, a beautiful new beginning. That's what the New Year marks, the start, beginning, awakening of anything you decide. It's the cool crisp breeze wafting through the wistful billowing curtains touching your face bringing you to the moment, it's waking up from the deepest sweetest sleep that feels like you've just caught up on all the zzzz's you have ever missed, it's the loong, slow cat-like morning stretch that seems to last forever lengthening both body and mind...

2014 welcome! 
Petite Paris is open for all B&B and apartment booking enquiries for 2014.

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Petite Paris apartment website:

Petite Paris New Year Resolutions
1. Live in Paris in Summer for 3 months

We're moving to Paris in April to July 2014 - 3 blissful months :) Follow us on facebook and get ready for the live Paris posts.  

2. A booking service for everybody
COMING: online automated booking service. For the tech-savvy folk who want instant bookings. Our personalized service will always be 100% available too for guests who prefer our one-on-one interaction/help with apartment selection.

3. NEXT Paris City Guide eBook Vol3
Next major revised edition of our Paris Guide out mid year (after our Summer in Paris). Updates and new places will be added, replacing the best with the NEW best!

Get the current edition NOW for ipads, tablets and pdfs. Best Paris cafes, restaurants, bars, museums, attractions, parks, markets, chocolatiers, coffee spots & more...all in a gorgeous photo book, inspirational and practical! ONLY $7.99 - BUY it HERE

4. MORE B&B's and Apartments
 Stay tuned, we'll be introducing more new B&B's and apartments during the year. Our goal, 120 homes before the years end :)

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