Tuesday, February 18, 2014

10 reasons to visit Paris in February

Paris Travel Tips

10 reasons to visit Paris inFebruary
10 reasons why it's worth taking a chance on weather
(What's more romantic than snow, scarves and furry jackets in warm wood fired bistros and cafes anyway)

1. More apartment options and the chance of GREAT reductions/negotiations with owners.

2. Cheaper airfares

3. Shorter museum lines (and metro lines/crowds)

4. Great opportunity to catch stellar shows with amazing seats at the Opera or Ballet

5. Indoor fireplace cult cafes that adds a certain je ne sais quoi. And that still offer prime street watching and people watching positioning (all while sipping vin rouge or cafe au lait)

6. Better chance of grabbing the best table in the best restaurant without bookings

7. Parisians say Winter cuisine is better than Summer - who really wants to eat cassoulet when the temperatures are soaring?  

8. SOLDES/Sales at nearly every store. The second Wed of January is the day the sales begin and last for five weeks. By the start of February you can score soaring bargains - up to 90% off!


9. VALENTINES DAY gourmet indulgences as Paris' famous chocolatiers take to the task of the greatest decadent dessert competition


Just be sure to dress for the weather: Bring a lined raincoat or a heavy coat, waterproof shoes, warm socks, a hat, gloves and a scarf and most important pack layers. A thermal undershirt takes up very little room in suitcases and will come in handy. If it’s sunny and chairs are cascading the sidewalk, you’ll invariably be surrounded by locals… and gas heaters.

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