Saturday, February 22, 2014

Pariscope - New cafes, restaurants and shops

Putting on our Pariscope we discover some cool New and 'Old-new' venues 

1. Cafe Kitsune

The spot, a sliver of space along the tiny Galerie de Montpensier, a sleek corridor fitted with wooden countertops and a mirrored wall, home to a Marzocco coffee machine that brews Brazilian beans, plus gluten-free cookies from nearby Noglu and the Palais Royal is the backdrop! MAP

2. Picnic Places
3 Places for a traditional Paris picnic or an impromptu brunch of chocolates from either Henri Le Roux (Salted butter caramel specialist) or Jean-Paul Hevin

Square d'Ajaccio

If you walk around the Invalides, or if you go to the Rodin Museum, absolutely make a detour to the beautiful small public garden Square d’Ajaccio, next to the Esplanade des Invalides. This little green space in the 7th offers you a sumptuous romantic setting with large trees filling the garden (plane tree, horse chestnut, tulip tree), some of which are centenaries. MAP

Square Lambert

A lovely locals favourite! Manicured park amidst heavenly Haussmans this park is split into three areas: the children’s play area with swings and slides, a sandpit with a circular shelter for wet weather and an open-air theatre. Like many art deco-era parks, the main wall is embellished with monumental sculptures – in this case of dancing children, by sculptor Auguste Guénot (1882-1966) and Victor Peter’s 1938 statue (Les Oursons), which shows two young bears fighting. MAP

Palais Royal

After grabbing a coffee and cakes from Kitsune cafe (see above) head to the famous and must see Palace Jardins (gardens) Nab one of the comfortable metal chairs. Once in chair, all that's left to do is sit back, crack the spine of a book or notebook, then completely ignore it in favor of soaking in all that symmetry, harmony, and people watching. MAP

3. Lunch Love
A local haunt, a fresh salad spot and a winter warmer...  


In the 11th, is a locals joint, and incredible area for food and bars that is often over looked by visitors MAP

The Rose Bakery

for wholefood salads, which sometimes you miss in Paris. MAP

Chez Georges


 In winter, it’s to the classic Chez Georges for bread, buttered sole and raspberries served with whipped cream. MAP

4. Shop til You Drop Paris
Sidestep Celine and discover what is entirely unique to Paris

Archie Noire

This shop offers a selection of design objects from the 30′s to the 80′s. Prices are reasonable. 19 rue Victor Massé MAP
La Boutika

Indie retailer who sells movies that we don’t find at the big stores, including French Films. There are also books, posters, and great movies for children. MAP

Comptoir de L'Image 

One hidden treasure and a paradise for any magazine or book lover. About the size of a postage stamp, every nook and cranny is filled to the brim; Paris Vogue, Numero, Dutch, vintage designer look books– it seems like every uber-cool publication can be found among the rare fashion and photography books here. MAP

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