Thursday, February 20, 2014

Petite Paris. Human not Machines!!

A B&B Focus
                    We're Human Beings not Auto Machines

In it’s forth year of operation, Petite Paris is Australia’s only locally run, trusted service offering Paris B&Bs and apartments directly and specifically for travellers. and carefully selected homes chosen for their unique and quintessential Parisian qualities by professionals who have been in the B&B industry for over 2 decades.


Quality is at the core of the selection, not quantity. Unlike many owner-direct websites that are difficult to filter the ‘goodies’ from the ‘baddies’. Petite Paris’ 100 rare homes are sourced via local word of mouth through a network of experienced and professional hosts (Parisians) who offer very intimate, authentic and attentive B&B services. Petite Paris B&B apartments must meet a very strict quality of charter based on French tourism standards and requirements.


When asking the question: ‘Should I book an apartment owner direct or via a booking service’ Petite Paris’ settles the argument. It’s all about personal selection first, the maintenance of upkeep and continued quality assurance. We keep track of this on a personal level. AND customers can rest assured knowing the 'Petite' customer service professionals know all the listed B&Bs first hand and can confidently recommend and advise guests of true experiences on behalf of homeowners. There is a real sense of trustworthiness in dealing with an experienced 'middleman' so to speak rather than owner direct.

From the Petite Paris team. "We are human-beings, not auto-machines!"

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