Thursday, March 20, 2014

Why enquire with us...for a Paris apartment

...because even if you don't find a home you like, you will get a gift and discount for the next time...for you or a friend :)

Dear Petite Paris Special Guest

It's Regina here from Petite Paris, I hope this finds you very well.

I have a special offer and gift for you that I wanted to send as a thank you for your recent enquiry about a Petite Paris B&B or apartment for your upcoming trip. 

If you have not yet secured your perfect Paris home for the upcoming trip, I hope this special offer (please see attached) for a nightly discounted rate on any of our B&Bs or apartments (plus free gift) is something you may like to use if you are happy to offer me the chance to check current available homes for your dates once again - and if you find one you like.

Otherwise if you have secured a home elsewhere, I'm  truly happy you have this settled and ask you to accept this discount and gift as 100% applicable for your next trip to Paris, whenever that would be. Simply hold on to this attachment. 

This gift is also transferable to a friend or family member if they too are heading to Paris. Just ask that they mention your name when the make an enquiry and forward the attached brochure/voucher.

Again, this is just a little thank you for your initial enquiry with Petite Paris, for the opportunity to book you a home in Paris and in hope that I will be able to book you into one of our unique homes one day in the future. I would love to have you stay in a Petite home that I am confident you would adore.

Thanks so much, have a beautiful afternoon.

Warm regards

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