Friday, April 11, 2014

Paris for Lunch

Paris for Lunch

Bonjour Petite Friends. It's 2.30pm and I havent had lunch yet. Looks like im going to work straight through AGAIN; picking away at an emergency (don't have time to step away from le bureau) stash off tuna and crackers at my desk! If I were in Paris, I would eat at:

Le Comptoir (5th) 
For: the most delicious and innovative menu and quintessential Parisian bistro atmosphere where waiters do not speaks english - or franglish!
$$$ website

Les Philosophes (3rd)
For: the trendy people watching in this hip neoghbourhood, coolness factor

La Sancerre (7th or 18th)
For: an old fashion wine bar/ cosy family run and super friendly atmosphere with delicious home style cooking. and for the gourmet food store.

Laduree (3rd and 5th)
For: because you just have to! Its iconic, full of tourists and expensive! But its yum!

Cafe constant (7th) 
For: a surprise! About as casual as a Parisian cafe can get, its a dreary dank atmosphere that suddenly bursts to life, full of people with cafe food that is restaurant quality!

Chez Prune (10th)
For: for the arty bobo atmosphere, hearty food at decent prices right on the saint martin canal one of the most tranquil and picturesque spots in Paris.

Le Deux Moulins (the amelie cafe 18th)
For: to crack a creme brulee with the back of your spoon! 1 <3 amelie="" br="" nbsp="" u="">$$

Frenchie (2nd)
For: being able to gloat about the fact that you actually 'go in'!! Famous little French eatery

Les Ombres: (6th)
For: look at the photo...

Chez Hanna: (3rd)
For: the best felafel, in a bustling fun environment mingling with locals

Ok the time spend blogging this post I think I could have gone out to get a real lunch! *crunch...makes the sound of my cracker mmmmmmm

Bonne journee

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