Friday, April 11, 2014

a most immaculate Paris home - available to BOOK NOW

Meet a luxury home in Paris - B&B431 Sabine's Place!
Petite Paris' newest addition to the B&B website - our 104th Paris home 
- available to BOOK NOW!

At this B&B all is quiet, luxurious and perfectly delightful. This accommodation is one of the most grand, beautiful, refined and exclusive B&B we offer. Everything is simply perfect, exceptional and impeccable. From bed linen to Murano chandeliers, to the old fireplace made of white and black marble which has been modernised with ethanol making it usable, Sabine, your hostess, offers 3 superb guest rooms with private en-suites, she has covered every aspect in fine detail and thoughtfulness, to ensure your stay is comfortable, practical and beautiful, as it should be. 

1per: EU210 p/n
2per: EU210 p/n
3per: EU389 p/n
4per: EU400 p/n
5per: EU555 p/n
6per: EU590 p/n

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About your host
Sabine was born in Séoul in South Korea, she grew up in Amiens in the North of France, and she has been living in Paris for 15 years. She is a true Parisian not only for her lifestyle but also for her taste of fashion. 
Sabine has selected Paris to live because it is a fascinating city with its architecture, its history, its culture, food, fashion and more. She crosses Paris by car, subway, bicycle, as well as by foot. Fascinated by her city, Sabine loves to discover unusual places, unexplored alleys or new tables. She would love to share this with her guests.

The neighbourhood
It is a very nice area which has its own identity. All together very close to the most famous monuments, it keeps itself away from the ‘traditional touristic masses and tourist trails, you will really feel the authentic real Parisian atmosphere and life there. Sabine's apartment is ideally located in the heart of Paris, in the 9th district, close to North station and East station, a few minutes from the most famous tourist places of the capital.

Your hosts Accommodation
Sabine's apartment is located on the second floor of a bourgeois Haussmannian building. It is very classy with a stone facade made of Paris stone, a carriage entrance, ornamental columns in the hall, a staircase with marble style paintings on the walls and a typically Parisian elevator from the beginning of the 20th century.

Its rooms are 3,80 meters high are typically Parisian style, with marble fireplaces, ceilings with mouldings, an oak wooden floor and a balcony all along the apartment.  
You will love the mix between the classical Haussmann architecture and the contemporary French style decoration which boasts furniture of exception and beautiful decorative items.

You have a complete access to the living room of the apartment which offers a high-resolution television with many foreign channels, a library with some books and magazines in English and comfortable armchairs where you can relax and enjoy a quiet afternoon.

When the weather is cold, Sabine turns on the beautiful marble fireplace which makes this room even more ideal and romantic. 

Also at your disposal in the kitchen-bar is a professional coffee machine which, as in a typically Parisian bar. You can get an espresso, a long coffee but also a cappuccino or a coffee with milk. 

Sabine has paid much attention and thought to the creation and arrangement of the three superb and immaculate guest rooms that she offers to you each with its own private ensuite.

Bedroom 431 is on the theme of fashion design.
CLICK HERE to read more about this room and to see more images

Bedroom 432 theme is painting
CLICK HERE to read more about this room and to see more images

Bedroom 433 has a comic theme. 
CLICK HERE to read more about this room and to see more images

The final bedroom 433 is usually offered with one of the two others (431 or 432), more neutral it is convenient to a single person as well as to children.

 can be served on the dining room table, on the marble bar of the modern kitchen or on the living room table. It will be different every day for your pleasure.

Sabine offers you a typically French breakfast with fresh baguette and croissants, but she will be happy to add home made cakes, fresh fruits, and yogurts according to her idea of the day, to the day before market or your taste for honey, dried fruits etc.

If you ask for, she can also offer you, without any additional cost, cheese, a boiled egg or cereals. Please specify it when you make your reservation. 

For drinks there is a lot of choice with her professional machine: espresso, long coffee, coffee with milk, cappuccino, chocolate and she can offer many teas green, black, white from the best places of Paris.

1per: EU210 p/n
2per: EU210 p/n
3per: EU389 p/n
4per: EU400 p/n
5per: EU555 p/n
6per: EU590 p/n

See the B&B in full detail with images on our website HERE
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