Thursday, April 17, 2014

Fancy Paris Places

Putting on our Pariscope we discover some cool New and 'Old-new' venues 

Fancy a Fine French Nuit?
                                                                       Enjoy a glamorous Parisian nights out on us...

1. Sante
Nowhere in Paris is more clichéd or romantic as the grand hotels and Le Meurice is our favourite. A glass of champagne in the bar to the right of the lobby is almost ceremonial and also a great place to meet interesting people. MAP


2. Caviar cool For an ‘only in Paris’ moment go with friends to Caviar Kaspia. Here it’s champagne, blinis and baked potatoes with caviar for dinner. This is our version of ‘glamour’ and we just can’t get over how great it is entering through the downstairs caviar store. Ask to be seated not in the main salon overlooking Madeleine but the back-room, which turns into a kind of private party as midnight approaches. Around since the roaring twenties every great writer you can imagine has wined and dined here.


3. Dance la nuit Somewhere in 10th (it’s always by chance I find it) is Le Pom Pon, one of the best places (outside of Pigalle) for live music. A former synagogue, go straight to the basement, under two levels of soundproofing and a roof so low you can touch (which everyone does, especially when hip hop artists are playing). You’ll get hot and sticky and probably lose your jacket but it will all be worth it as it’s pure fun. MAP


4. Mexico in Paris Try hole in the wall, Candelaria for a change of pace, and enjoy the best Mexican food in Paris. Go through the unmarked white door at the back after dinner (or before) and enjoy some of the best cocktails in this underground Paris bar that is too cool for school. MAP

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