Tuesday, June 3, 2014

5 Paris Apartments + us in Paris. Days 31-34

We're still here. In pretty Petite Paris. and here (below) is the next entry of our daily frenchie encounters with the city of love, light and utter charm. Keep following us and we hope you are enjoying our posts and pictures ... as well as all the latest B&B and Apartment news as we work and play in Paris. 26 NEW APartments for our website - we have smashed our record / goal!! Huraah and thats 126 now all up on our website - check it out: www.petiteparis.com.au :)

Want to see our 4 newst Paris Homes first?
Here they are: click the B&Bs below:

1. B&B437 - Jozsef and Frederics place

2. B&B434 -  Matthieu's place

3. B&B438 - Peets Place

4. B&B444 - Marine's place

Paris Day 31 - 26th May 2014
on day 31 in Paris, we did a little Montparnasse visit... the beautiful less touristy residential peaceful streets...to the Montparnasse cemetery for a little tranquility and visited Jean Paul Sartre grave stone (French philosopher), we couldnt resist another stop at Creperies heaven Crêperie Josselin and finally admiring the grand old world brasseries on the main boulevard and wondered what it was like to be sitting and mingling with all those old philosophers and writers inside, way back when... Paris nostalgia + sentiment ..

Paris Day 32 - 27th May 2014
boulangerie sweets and my morning tea treat @ Marche couvert Batignolles - an awesome food stop for fresh foods and specialty delights access and open times here: http://equipement.paris.fr/marche-couvert-batignolles-5517

green and lush @ Parc Clichy-Batignolles

dear Batignooles de Paris. we love you and will be back on Samedi - saturday for the biologique fresh markets. A must for any foodie in Paris details here: http://equipement.paris.fr/marche-biologique-des-batignolles-4514

a fun funky ambient dinner @ Les Puces des Batignolles

sweet sacre coeur by magic harvest moon. bonne nuit mes amis xx

Paris Day 33 - 28th May 2014
trente-trois = 33. Day 33 in Petite Paris. What a magnificent city. pinch me petite please ... to wake each day for the last 33 days to this loving scene ... is but a dream. And more mornings to come. Happy day everyone, enjoy our fb posts live from Paris...and book your authentic home experience in Paris in one of our B&Bs or apartments... www.petiteparis.com.au ...

a simple day in paris. it shall be just me and my book. a B&B break for some much needed solitude and virtual space... fresh air laptop-less... back later today with some photos of our petite day dawdling the paris rues

 a little walk in le jardin luxembourg and I fell in love with the pretty poppies... spring smiles all day

a little lunch parisienne style. salad by sun

back at the batignolles for un cafe at Les Puces des Batignolles

the elegance of the hedgehog ... scenes and thoughts that come to mind in Paris ... maids of Paris, keep these haussmans spick and span indeed...

dusk has set @ montmartre hill. our home in Paris

la nuit. in deep dark paris. velib and moonlight glow. bonne nuit Paris day nuit 33 bonne nuit tout le monde xxx

Paris Day 35 - 30th May 2014
bonjour FRIDAY!!!! Welcome day 35 in Paris, welcome friday, welcome friends today we're dawdling and loving Rue Mouffetard, Paris - where we've just secured a BRAND NEW Paris B&B suite for our website... le YAY!! Mouffetard is a GORGEOUS quaint long narrow cobble street- one of Paris' oldest (if not the oldest) open street market. Lined with food specialty shop after food specialty shop, cafes, bistrots and more food specialty shops its a long luxurious gourmet stroll for foodies and lovers of old world traditional Parisian life...which somehow you can still see and feel today. C'est Parisian et c'est magnifique...happy FriDAY everyday 

this is the simply gorgeous passage where our latest newest B&B lives...utter tranquility and peaceful quaint paris living and under that passage way finds you standing right in the middle of rue mouffetards exiting bustle... what a perfect spot to stay, it could be THE spot in all of Paris, of all our B&Bs yet!!

passage des Postes. Now and Then

un petit peak at our newest B&B baby @ Rue Mouffetard, Paris
coming SOON to our website, stay tuned for details. its a little suite, private for guests, but breakfast still served to you by an utterly loved Parisian lady who lives in her apartment next door. Benefit from having your own private space but also the local friendly advice and tips from a local and breakfast served. Its soooo cute!! Still coming to le website, but enquire now if you wish, we understand:) ...info@petitepr.com.au

mon coeur est dans la rue Mouffetard

@ Place de la Contrescarpe in the mouffetard quartier many great eating spots here too xx

3 places to lunch in and around rue Mouffetard as recommended by our B&B hosts at our rue Mouffetard B&B suite @ Le Papillon on rue mouffetard @ Le Resto on rue tournefort (only for lunch at thisvenue not dinner) or @ Salle a manger on rue mouffetard. Bonne appetit

street music in rue mouffetard, then and now!

play that french music, its friday street art music Rue Mouffetard, Paris

starting to dusk @ rue mouffetard. such a pretty quartier de Paris. Come and live here in our new B&B. Food, fun and festivity everywhere

bonne nuit friends, have a fabulously french friday night Love from Petite Paris and Rue Mouffetard, Paris

Paris Day 35 - 1 June 2014
wishing everyone a fabulous frenchie sunday. balloons for everyone

not like a hotel. not at all! but like a home with friends. french friends
read our latest affirmation/testimonial and petite proof that our B&B apartments are superb in our latest blog post - click here...

and finally for today, a petite leak... we're introducing a Petite Paris Food Tours in 2015... OUI, C'est vrai. We have a NEW B&B host offering a new superb B&B apartment in the 10eme with 5 guest rooms offering 1 week food gourmet excursion, daily tours from boulangerie day to market day to cheese day and more... The B&B accommodates groups of up to 15 persons, saturday to saturday, beginning in January 2015. To express your interest email us at: info@petitepr.com.au and we will notify you of the details first MIAMMMM Paris is a foodies delight... come and enjoy our B&B - Bed & Breakfast + Food tours daily

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