Wednesday, June 25, 2014

finger on the Paris pulse

Bonjour sweet blogger friends and followers, Paris lovers and B&B travellers :) 

We're getting back in the swing of things having returned to Australia last week, catch up on lost zzz's and in our waking moments fantasising/pretending we are still wining dining and croissant crunching in Paris. 
But yes its back to hard work, le siesta is well and truly over, and we're back in Sydney, after 2 months living in Paris, but we always keep an eye on her...even from afar we live, breathe see Paris only :D Crazy but c'est vrai :) So we will only continue to bring Paris to you everyday with our B&B news, special offers, city news and beautiful photos :) 

But oh sigh, we want to go back in the land of cheese and croissants, wine and cafes for real...  2 months is never enough and nothing but a Parisian tease haha... but each year we return the stay seems to get longer and longer - so we have happy confidence one day we may very well stay for 6 months sojourns instead or more - le yay!!!! 

Plus we have secured (a huge productive 2 month feat of)
32 NEW Paris B&Bs and Apartments 
for our unique boutique website
We will blog post each new home as they are added to our website :) Here is a peak at some newbies being added in the next 48 hours :) 

But onward we go, back in our homeland and for very good reason, to be 'true' a local connection to Paris for all our Australian followers, (and of course other international guests and friends that have stumbled upon us we do not exclude anyone)... and that means a lot of work with the local Australian media to keep up the publicity and education about travelling to Paris and what B&Bs (our B&Bs) are all about, educating all downunder about authentic travel experiences and basically to be able to say 'yes we are in Australia' where we can also be a voice and friendly face to many guests seeking true personable service when booking a home in Paris... we also hope to participate in this years French Festivals around Australia, so far Brisbane and Melbourne!  :) and of course to keep on keeping on with the Paris love, B&B bookings, work, blogging and facebooking... 

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So while we may not be in Paris but we always have the finger on the pulse on al things Paris, via our B&B partner in Paris who is the seeker of our very fine Paris B&Bs and apartments - so plenty of bits of news and information, latest trends will continue to come your way :) So stay with us ESPECIALLY for the launch of our third edition  'Petite Paris City Guide eBook' - coming out August 2014. With all our up to date insider information from the past 2 months we're set to produce the best Paris virtual guide ebook for you :) For the current edition (still current) visit our online bookshop HERE (only 7.99)

Pssst, coucou and don't forget we also have a sister website L'Apartment - home, chateaux, cottage, maisons and B&B rentals in the South of France and in the Nth of France.

As featured in Australian Travel papers nationwide :)  

For availabilities for our Petite Paris or Lovely L'Apartment French homes email us at: 

MERCI et bonne nuit :) 

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