Sunday, May 3, 2015

Paris Day 4! Petite B&B BOOM!!!

Day 4 in Paris was both an exhausting and exhilarating day of B&B apartment inspections back-to-back! And at the end of it we were, well pretty much Pooped! To put it politely. Here is just a taste of what we got up to yesterday. It was all mainly work, B&B inspecting and pitching, which of course never feels like work, we love it!! But sadly it means some days we have very little or no Paris play time, but we always find little ways to sooth the soul, mind and body even with a busy day ahead... :) AND thanks to hard work we have MORE NEW B&Bs to add to our website... le YAY!!

First things first, daily jogging to Parc Monceau, our favourite park in Paris! Getting this out of the way early means we can concentrate on work (and eat anything we come across) for the rest of the day HAHA!! We don't take a camera obviously when we run so no action running shots, but here is beautiful Parc Monceau taken another visit...

Next we swapped Gontron for Delmontel bakery this morning! Another local favourite of ours. YUM Pain au Chocolat today!!

Next we headed into a bunch of B&B visits. Not to bore you, here are just two. For now :)

Now you know when you get to a building so grand, so steeped in history and old-world nostalgia and you KNOW you have hit the B&B jackpot??! Well thats what happened to us yesterday. IN TOTAL LOVE with this B&B in one of the oldest streets in Paris, rue Maitre Albert in the 5eme (latin Quarter) a famous narrow cobblestoned street with a view of the back of the Notre Dame from the street, this home is superb.

Do not expect chic modern luxury, this is for authentic travellers who want that old Paris almost musty but totally cosy experience. Squeaks and creaks and all, old but well kept furniture, a divine hostess who has been offering 2 guestrooms for years and in the heart of Paris!!! 2 guest rooms, private access, private bathrooms, wifi - about as modern as it gets - and free use of the kitchen. COMING SOON to our website. Stay tuned for details soon on the website FOR NOW, a few sneak peak images below....

We also inspected today this divine B&B! This was already on our website BUT there is now a SECOND guest bedroom in this spacious, chic and beautiful B&B home, so it is ideal now for families and groups of up to 6! Here is the new guestroom, superbly decorated, there is a beautiful large balcony from the the room too and a private bathroom. Guest are free to enjoy this amazing lounge area too. Located in the 9eme from ONLY 118euro per night for 2 guests! Enquire with us today and book this amazing Paris home, steps from the Opera, Lafayett galleries and Marais.

It's the little things that create calm in a chaotic day! 1. visitng an old familiar passage in Montmartre near home for some quaint inspiration. The passage is famous and is called: Cite Veron. CLICK HERE FOR MAP

2. Picking up some home baked delicious cookies at Biscuiterie on my way home in Montmartre @ Les Petits Mitrons (CLICK HERE FOR MAP)

3. Picking  a bouquet of pretty flowers @ Au Dom de la Rose - to make pretty le apartment. Feeling better now, ready to unwind over wine with biccies and pretty flowers to look at :) Thank you Paris for your gastronomic everything!!!!

Passed out. End of day. Thanks for following :) Tomorrow is another day...

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