Monday, May 4, 2015

Paris Day 6 - The day the Sun came back to Paris!

Sleep in Sunday. Oh I love that moment when you open the window for the first time in the morning. Breathing in the beautiful new day! Bonjour everyone. Its day 6 in Paris

may we HIGHLY recommend climbing the bell tower of the Sacre Coeur Basilica in Montmartre? You feel like you own Paris, on top of the world and NO one is around. Leave the crowds down below to their chaotic camera snapping hehe, and take this stairwell behind the church, it winds round and round up and up, wind whistling and cold but it is oh so worth the new Paris perspective. New views of my beautiful Montmartre. LOVE!!!! Morning inspiration in Paris!!

this is one of our sweet simple little studios in Paris. We just inspected this one and its still perfectly quaint for 1 or 2 people who are after a budget friendly self contained private home in the heart of Paris, full equipped to prepare small meals, TV, wifi, shower, table, chairs, all towels, linens, cookery and basic ingredients left for you. SERIOUSLY its ONLY 95euro per night for 2 guests! OR Weekly for 560euro. Check it out on our website and enquire for availability ASAP, its booking fast for the year! Click HERE

On the first Sunday of every month there is one MUST do. Visit a museum or 2! Museums are FREE this day! le YAY! and what better way to spend a grey day than admiring art in beautiful old houses and museums!! We 1 new and 1 old fave museum. Old Fave was the Moyen Age Medieval Museum! And the NEW museum was 'Musee Eugene delacroix' and his amazing apartment and garden. GLORIOUS! Both the house/garden and the artworks! ps no wonder im not an amazing artist, Eugenese handwriting is beautifully poetic and arty-looking, mine looks NOTHING like that! haha @ Musée Eugène Delacroix

Pre-lunch treat! Right outside Musee Eugene Delacroix in Paris in a quaint gorgeous little square, is Maison du Chou. AMAZING little secret (although a new shop has opened on the Isl Saint Louis now) enjoy fresh made in the moment warm pastrie puffs filled with warm cream flavours that melt in your mouth like nothing you have or will ever experience. 5euro for 3 samples. Heres me and mine and going in for another bite LOL! DIVINE, died and gone to pastry heaven smile emoticon La Maison du Chou

le lunch typical @ Cafe Mabillon! Im so happy right now!

did you know we sell (For only 4.99) our Petite Paris Insiders Guide to the best and most beautiful (and secret paris places) we have found over the years? Its 150 pages (and always updated and growing) filled with best cafes, restaurants, patisseries, boulangeries, markets, museums, parks, gardens, shops, best brunch spots, coffee spots and more! With google map links for on the go navigation on the streets of Paris, beautiful pictures, descriptions, details and practical info. Metro, directions, prices etc. Preview and buy a copy for your ipad or iphone via our website link below - AND FREE with B&B or apartment bookings over 4 nights. See it HERE:

strolling through the St Germain des Pres is always so beautiful and fun, especially when you find amazing little Depot Vintage shop. SCORE!!

Working hard head down when suddenly a light shone through the window, looking up and OMG SUN! Blue Sky. The grey has suddenly cleared in Paris and Spring is back! Ditching work, time to head out and bask in the sun with a little aperitif. Work can wait. Sun in Paris CANNOT!! ps This is what 7.30pm looks like in Paris right now! yeaaah bebe!!

When the sun comes out to Play in Paris! its suddenly snow gear off, short sleeve T's are out! ice creamerys packed, Parisians in the sun, cafes are full again. SO Warm, time pour un Kir! Ps 8pm!!!

Paris! The only city in the world where I suddenly find myself heading out late on a whim riding a sudden desire to see more Paris, when I was just about ready for bed. Just wanted to see le eiffel sparkle is all! and thought you might too this night! satisfied! Bonne nuit mes amies, more Paris tomorrow we have 2 B&B inspections we cant wait for. Sweet Paris sparkling dreams to you everyone! Petite Paris

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