Sunday, May 3, 2015

Paris Day 5 - L'Art and Green Paris Promenade

Good morning! Paris day 5 c'est ici! and its another grey day. Friends we are sorry for the grey coming your way today (im a poet in Paris le YAY) ... but its rainy, grey and well, its real, authentic Paris that you are getting right now. AND its BEAUTIFUL! The way that only Paris can be so gorgeous so grey! And Happiness is singing in the Paris rain. so there :P Here is my first shot of my Montmartre on todays early morning walk...

not a soul in sight. this morning was eerily still and quiet, I had Paris all to my self. all was still and shut for so long. way past 9am. Save for the infamous cafe refugees being open and one lone boulangerie, though both were souless! oh I love how shops can just stay closed for any period of time for no reason other than 'its raining and no one can be bothered getting out of bed'...

all is open and in fresh baking swing. boulangerie love Coquelicot-Montmartre

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a little lunch tartine in Montmartre with friends before heading off to Bastille to see an art exhibition. oh paris i love you!!!

IF you are in PARIS right now, or until Monday, get your derriere down to the BASTILLE Marche d'art Contemporain! The annual Art exhibitonis spectacular this year. Ive never seen such amazing pieces of art, truly! This city is full of creativity. Come! Its grey, wet and dreary...Perfect for creativity and Parisian inspiration LOL - and the colourful artists and characters are so friendly and want to meet you!!

I have never seen Paris' green SO green! Its that after-rain freshness. After the art exhbition it was on to the Promenade Plantee walk also known as COulee Verte. An old elevated railway converted into a garden oasis a long green path for 3.5km surrounded by nature (who said Paris had no trees??!!) and at thje amazing vantage point of being the height of the haussmanns and its such a delight when they peak out from behind the hedges and you can peer in. Its absolutely gorgeous as it was even grey and rainy, but a quick google image search will show you what a blue sky can do. a definite MUST do. Take sandwiches and coffee and sit on one of the many benches and get away from the bustle of the city for a minute! just what I needed in between work

no better way than to follow that mind/nature therapy with some mind/kir therapy. Un Kir sil vous plait! LOL its all about balance bebe...

quirky and colourful Montmartre bits also from todays walk. haaaaa

my favourite Paris dinner. Esargot and tomato basil salad. light and fresh, usually because I've gorged on baguettes and pastries all day! Of course it comes with bread!! LOL Dining in Montmartre in a no name nothing fancy non touristy bistrot, close to home cosiness haha! bonne appetit

bonne nuit my magic montmartre, on perhaps also the quietest saturday night i have ever seen. Must say I am loving the lonely anyway! Sweet PAris dreams everyone xx

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