Sunday, May 6, 2012

A French Moment in Sydney

Francophiles who live in Sydney are so lucky to be able to indulge in their passion for French culture, Gastronomy, Language and Life with so many French-themed dinners, soirees and workshops offered to them from our friends at French Moments. And we could not recommend them more to all of our own guests and friends - truly amazing events run by amazing hosts!! 

Based in the Lower Nth shore, Mosman, French Moments ( holds many gatherings throughout the year for current and new friends (and students - they also offer language classes) to learn more about French culture or food, to practice their french with others in an intimate leisurely setting (although the dinner is presented in English) to make friends and basically for a shared appreciation and celebration for la vie Francais.

On Wednesday last week, French Moments really outdid themselves going on a gastronomic and photographic journey to the French region of Provence with Provencal flavours to delight the senses of 30 guests who gathered at Hawthorn Mosman. This included not only many students but also their partners, families and friends! And the atmosphere was Parfait!! 

Guests were treated to a beautiful multi-media presentation of Provence whilst journeying through multiple courses of deliciousness. What a wonderful way to spice up a Wednesday night, meet new friends with a common love for France and simply for a bit of self indulgence.

A sneak peak at the menu: 
  • Goats cheese ravioli
  • Grilled Lamb cutlets served on Provencal medley of broad beans
  • Cherry tomato and Garlic Con fit
  • and more (like the creme caramel infused with lemon verbena with fresh pomegranate seeds. Salivating yet?? :)
Congratulations to the team at French Moments! Read about the event on the French Moments blog (in French) here

Whats the next 'French Moment'??...a Cheese Workshop on the 15th June. We cant wait for this one!!  It will be an educative workshop where five French cheeses will be matched to different wines and a full run-down of how to choose, cut and serve French cheese will be given. In France the cheese course is part of daily life, but there are lots of things to learn about this part of French gastronomy with a whole “cheese etiquette” to discover!
To enrol in one of the French Moments workshops click here

And with that bonne journee everyone. Do something tres French today, even if its just enjoying a croissant :)

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