Sunday, May 6, 2012

Petite Q&A - the who, what, why and how's of Petite Paris

Do you want to know Why and How we offer authentic and intimate experiences in Paris through our B&B apartments and Parisian hosts. Who we cater to. What we classify as a B&B. How Petite Paris started. How we select our B&B apartments to add to our exclusive website. About the personable service we offer through one-on-one interaction and the ability to cater to all needs and requirements in this way. And finally our top Paris TIPS for anyone visiting Paris for the first time and also on a personal note - Why I think Paris is the number 1 travel destination.... then read this little interview I did with Carolyn Schonafinger, Director of Holidays to Europe (  just this week. It has just been posted online today! Yay more wonderful support for Petite. Doing my happy dance!!

The interview is actually not so 'little' because I cant seem to shutup, going on and on and on! .. somebody slap me with a baguette! I'll try not to cringe at myself while I read this ramble but hopefully the information will give more of an insight and clarity into what Petite Paris is about and what we do! As above :)

So yes its a ramble but I hope it also shows how much I love Paris, how much I love and enjoy offering this service and have committed myself to ensuring all guests are happy and 100% serviced! :)

I hope you enjoy the article! Click the image below (which looks like just a bunch of typing - see ramble...) to be taken to the full interview!

ps thats me in Portugal. My original home :)

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