Thursday, May 10, 2012

What is an Art B&B???

Eat, Live, Breathe, Sleep Art

Helping visitors get into the Paris art scene by allowing them to sleep in it!
Welcome to Petite Paris’ Art B&B’s!

 Alain isn’t your usual B&B host. But then a classic apartment with a modern slash retro slash vintage twist in the multicultural corridors of the 3rd arrondissement of Paris isn’t your usual B&B.

Our room is located on the 4th floor and is dominated by a convertible CINNA sofa from designer Claude Brisson, translucent multicoloured chandelier and a bright red fireplace. Opposite the bed is your breakfast station; a 1970s glass table with multi-coloured transparent stools and hanging about a collection of contemporary, ethnic and mythical paintings and mirrors. 


The second guest room is a continuation of bric-a-brac eclecticism with antique collectibles in each corner. A Louis-Philippe chest, a Vuitton trunk, a ligne roset bed, wooden masks, sculpture torso and more. It’s nothing over the top; it feels like staying with a particularly style-conscious friend.

Alain is a retired lawyer; he gave up his high-profile career for a healthier lifestyle and has been content ever since welcoming guests into his B&B. A lover of exhibitions and museums Alain is in the know with all the latest art events in Paris and passes his advice on to guests.

 What do we qualify as an art B&B? 
Anything related to art; maybe the studio of an artist such as our B&B once the home of Impressionist Pissarro; or Jean’s studio draped in collections from his uncle a former leader of the Sculpture studio ‘Beaux-Arts’; or simply a collectors house such as Anne and Jean-Luc’s with antics from the 19th & 20thC. 

Basically anywhere where you can sleep where there is Art.

So far there are 14 classified Art B&Bs from Petite Paris. Alain’s place offers a night of inspiration for 116euro per night for 2 people. But his apartment can cater up to 6 people in the 2 bedrooms and making use of the sofa lounge for 340euro per night (thats only 56euro each person p/n) View B&B here.

  • Jean-Pol’s Art B&B and tranquil garden is in the   6th for 140euro p/night. See it here.
  • Marie Claude’s Art B&B (pictured right) in the 9th is like a museum for 120euro p/night. See it here.
  • Evelyn’s Art B&B330 ([pictured below) in the 3rd is a collage of paintings for 150euro p/night. See it here
  • Dom and Erik’s Art B&B342, is a converted artists studio in the 14th. See it here
  • Odile’s Art B&B325 in the 15h is a treasure chest from around the globe. See it here. 
And, you can always see what your host is up to. You may be able to take part in one of James’ art classes, go on an artique shopping trail with Helene or visit one of Herve’s exhibitions or painting demonstrations. 

But in their role as B&B hosts, all are something of an endearing eccentric aunt or uncle. The atmosphere is always friendly, relaxed as well as creative and harmonious.

To arrange a stay at one of our art B&Bs contact

See all 85 B&B Apartments on the Petite Paris website

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