Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Metro Maze in Paris

Bonjour or bonsoir friends; depending on where you are in the world :)

We have just been sent a link to a new iphone app on the Metros in Paris and just wanted to share it with you as a bit of a helpful resource for your pending, upcoming, (one day soon hopefully) trip to Paris :D

Its from Kemtro and its the only one that gives the exact location of all the entrances and exits of all the metro stations and it works offline - no roaming needed! (and we all know how expensive roaming can be).

It works as an interactive map of Paris that helps you plan your route along any of the metro lines, and the itinerary view shows the details of the route, connections and stops. You can also see your current location to find the nearest metro stations. Metro maze madness no more!! :)

To read more about it go to
To purchase it (0.99) on the itunes store go to

To see the prettiest Paris metros scroll down :)


  1. Thanks for the app! I've downloaded it and will try it out. What's the metro station in between Pont Neuf and Saint Michel in your photos? It's the only one I don't know!