Monday, August 19, 2013

Back to Basics, in trois petit parts!

Back to B&B Basics #2
A first Timers Guide to Paris.

With so many new 'Petite' friends and first timers heading to Paris we have been re-capping the practicalities of Paris to help you plan, prepare and book for a smooth arrival and overall experience.

Part 1: Navigating the Metro

The Paris metro system is the easiest way to get round the city. Opened from 5.30am to 12.30am everyday. Many of the stations are worth a visit in their own right with beautiful tiling (Liege, Line 13), fantastic murals (Abbesses, Line 12) or the Louvre (Line 1). Free maps are available at any metro station. See our brief tutorial for the Paris Metro HERE.

KEMPTRO - Download this Metro app - it’s the only one giving the location of all entrances and exits of all metro stations. Once in Paris you will understand why this is so handy.  Download it HERE.

Part 2: Sightseeing 
The typical attractions of Paris are listed everywhere online, Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel etc, (you can google those) and so we prefer to offer guests ‘different’ ideas based on our discoveries over the years. There is so much to see and do  that don’t involve long lines and expensive tickets and a whole lot of elbow, nudging and overcrowded frustration. Obscure beautiful spaces and places where new and different sights are begging to be seen and sounds to be heard. Best of all they are FREE!
More unique places will be posted in coming weeks too!
1. Promenade Plantee: An elevated park built on an abandoned railroad stretching 4km from Bastille to Bois de Vincennes. It’s a beautiful landscape of trees, flowers and plants where you will see Paris at the level of treetops, roof tops and church spires. Follow ivy-covered arched trellises, watch the changing panorama of architectural styles and admire decorative mouldings and intricate balcony railings. One of Paris' best kept secrets.

Address: 290 Ave Daumesnil 75012 Paris (via staircase entry cnr Rue Lyon) Metro: Bastille

2. Marche des Enfants Rouge: The  ‘Market of the Red Children’ is the oldest undercover food market in Paris built in 1615 named after a nearby 17thC orphanage. This is a small yet vibrant Parisian market loved by locals. Fresh prepared food you can eat in the cafes inside, bouquets of vibrant flowers, the wide selection of obscure wines, bounties of organic richly colored fruits and vegetables, meat, cheeses. Try the the homemade hamburger stall (local favourite) and Turkish delights.
Address: 39 Rue de Bretagne 75003 Metro: Filles- Calvaire or Temple

·       Music Recital at La Saint Chappell: Visit one of the spectacular concert recitals for some therapeutic musical reflections.  This gothic architectural jewel on the Isl. de la Cite and holds over 100 classical concerts March to December; daily at 7pm and 8.30pm - arrive 45 minutes prior.  Address: 8 Blvd du Palais 75001 Paris Metro: Chatalet

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