Friday, August 2, 2013

the best time to go to paris is...alone!

Flying Solo in Paris
The Best Time to go to Paris, is Alone!

Paris is a wonderful place for single women or men armed with an insider’s knowledge of l’affaire du Coeur Français - and for a solo traveller, that is the appeal. You can stand at a bar and order your petit crème and not feel like an interloper. C’est tout a fait normale (its usual). Bookstores, libraries and museums are brimming with the independent. (Art and architecture is best savoured un-distracted). Cafes littered with ‘tables pour un’, jardins, parks and courtyards occupied by lone picnic-goers, late afternoon concerts a celebration of single buoyancy and live jazz bars perfect when your minus a conversation buddy. Parisian life is not solely a deux (couples only). Hurrah!!!

Other things to do in Paris alone:  

o   Learn to Cook Cook’n with Class offers pastry, baking and cooking classes with trips to the markets.
o   Meet the Locals - Pour Vous Paris is a membership organization offering encounters with Parisians, e.g. crêpe parties, a walking tour, practicing your French in a café. This is an affordable way to see the insider’s Paris.
o   Go on Tour - A great bike tours or a simple DIY walking tour is best to take in the sights and sounds at your own blissful pace. The Girls Guide To Paris offers DIY downloadable walking tours.
o   Bookstores - Try Shakespeare & Co.– a cluttered yet charming librarie and go to a reading at the Village Voice Bookshop.
o   Meet other Solo Travellers – at Cyber Cafés, Sushi Bars are a great singles mingling setting and Wine Bars.

Where to stay?
Petite Paris B&B
Single travellers feel an important and intimate level of comfort and support in our B&B services. While enjoying days of solitary ssightseeing, an evening of pleasant and intimate company (or dinner) awaits you at your hosted B&B. Your friendly host will be happy to chat about your day, and generally be of good company. Having a real Parisian home to go back to is a valuable comfort for the solo traveller - no cold lonely hotel room, it’s literally a home away from home.

Also benefit from the advice of Parisian hosts, who are invaluable resources, sharing secret spot and offering personal walking tours for those who want to see Paris through the eyes of a Parisian - day or night, and market tours - fresh produce, antiques and more.

Tips - How to keep costs down on your own?

o   Sit inside at cafes it’s cheaper!
o   It’s perfectly ok to nurse one cup of coffee for hours while people watching and drinking up the café culture...the locals do!
o   Get a museum Pass
o   Velib bikes – a cheap option for a bike tour
o   Try a cooking class or art class offered by some of our B&B hosts.  
o   OR L’Atelier des Chefs – offers lunch-hour cooking classes for as little as 15euros

 Precautions for solo travellers!

o   Areas to avoid at night: Les Halles, Chatalet, Gare du Nord or Northern Paris after dark around St Ouen and Saint Denis – these areas, although largely safe, do become quiet and sparse after dark and have been known to have gang activity and hate crime.
o   The Metro is safe at night with lots of crowds at surprising hours, but of course keep your wits about you and take the usual precautions. The RER Metro lines are known to be the most unsafe with the highest number of Pickpockets. 

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