Friday, July 5, 2013

beautiful words for Petite Paris

I still become so giddy goofy child-like happy when i receive amazing feedback about the Petite Paris service. I'm SO grateful to all guests for such affirmation and assurance that the impeccable service we try to give is being acknowledged and appreciated. We appreciate and are grateful for everyone of our guest and for being able to run such a personalized service... Have a read of our Happy Friday message - Merci!! 

Hi Regina,

FYI, I made a note about your service a couple of months ago I think it was, in The Good Weekend Newspaper. They also featured a couple of other online sites such as Airbnb and Whilst they may be good, they don’t have a patch on the excellent service you offer. I really like the idea of engaging with the owner and being in a true B&B. The others are more ‘remote’ and not personal at all.

As I asked about before, I wish you had a service in some other cities as well. Maybe some potential for future expansion in partnership with someone else perhaps?

Anyway, I googled you as we are want to do nowadays J and had a quick look at:

Nice to put a face to the name.

I am so glad that I noted down your web site in my notebook those few months ago!


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