Friday, July 5, 2013

C'est Vrai!! Mademoiselle no more...

I might be a little behind the times here but...some news that shocked me....and thought I'd share, for all those who may be even further behind the times than I am. (I;m fully aware they may not be any haha)

QUICK NEWS: Mademoiselle no more!
Apparently France has dropped 'Mademoiselle' from use. "Prime Minister François Fillon ordered the honorific — akin to “damsel” and the equivalent of “miss” — banished from official forms and registries. The use of “mademoiselle,” he wrote, made reference “without justification nor necessity” to a woman’s “matrimonial situation,” whereas “monsieur” has long signified simply “sir.” Article

"its a shame, mademoiselle has its place" - "It can also be flattering and pleasing and makes a person feel younger".

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