Monday, July 8, 2013

Petit(e) Mots de Paris

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'Petite Mots de Paris'

Writings from a  Wanderer in Paris


Petite Paris' New eBook

"I am a writer and a wanderer. Day and night, I walk without end in Paris, wondering while wandering, wandering while wondering, recording and writing. These are my pictures and words; inspirations from the streets of Paris' ...

"I walked to the window and staring across at the closed windows, curtains and balcony doors of the apartments across the street, I asked to see something real. At that moment in this quiet little nowhere, nothing special street in Paris,  I saw two wobbly little old men, open their balcony doors at the same time and walk out onto their cold neighbouring balconies in their robes.

One passed a little plate of cooked food to the other across the railing. Stretching to give, stretching to receive, they made it. Both smiled and spoke for a quick moment before turning back inside their apartments, presumably to eat their lunch alone in peace and warmth, closing their balcony doors behind them. They are shut again. No one else in the world just saw that. Two little old men looking after each other. Love and truth happen so quietly, unannounced, it often goes unseen. But its always there. Sometimes you're lucky enough to catch it."

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