Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Petites' family friendly holiday tips


1.     Take your time: Plan for a slower pace. Children are not interested in getting from A to B, but in following their interests. Be prepared to explore! You’re more likely to retain your cool if you factor stalling, toilet stops & tantrums into your timeframe.

2.     Book ahead: Arriving at your destination to find you can’t find a bed means you will have to hit the road again with tired, hungry toddlers melting down.

3.     Safety first: Most tourist accommodation aren’t really child-friendly, so you may need to make some adaptations. Check locks on doors/windows, sturdiness of the fittings - wobbly balconies and railings, loose towel-rails or curtain. Petite Paris have a select 19 ‘Child Friendly’ apartments where hosts have ensured guest rooms and living spaces are safe and clutter free. They offer baby beds and cots some even baby-sitting services if mum and dad want a romantic dinner alone. View Petite’s Paris Child Friendly apartments here:

4.     Give them a camera: Giving toddlers their own (robust, child-friendly) camera encourages them to observe their surroundings and focus on what interests them.

5.     Be prepared for the climate: It’s simple, but children dressed comfortably for the weather and terrain will be happier.

6.     Apps for Kids: Toddler apps, download them. The most compact form of entertainment.

7.     Use public transport: Most toddlers love the novelty of travelling by train, bus and boat, so ditch the hire car and use public transport where possible.

8.     Encourage them to keep a travel journal: Get your kids drawing, photographing and listing things they’ve seen and interesting foods they’ve tried. They can start a library of travel memories all their own.

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