Thursday, September 12, 2013

Discover Paris: Magic Montparnasse

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The 14eme of Paris
Magic Mysterieux Montparnasse!

This is the quaint unchartered, untouched 14th arrondissement of Paris. Montparnasse! A little gem that's preserved the very traditional French charm of a Parisian neighbourhood. Unspoilt nature and a unique feel, walk around the many little cobbled-stone streets around quarters like Pernety, Alesia, Reny Coty and Moulin Vert. You will spot half hidden 'villas' or completely private houses, named after famous artists or for artist communities. You will also spot plenty of artists workshops.

1. Pernety


Discover hidden countryside style nooks in Pernety. A family-orientated neighbourhood with lots of independent grocers and small boutiques. Tucked away ever so sneakily is rue des Thermopyles (map) a heavenly Parisian hideaway. Enjoy the park at the end and continue to La Cite Bauer.
Metro Line 13 MAP 

Next take a detour to rue Moulin Vert (map), enjoy the beautiful village atmosphere. 


2. Alesia


Take a five-minute detour to Villa D’Alesia nearby (map). Find another charming street dotted with a beautiful line-up of art deco facades, mostly ateliers, one in particular that used to belong to Henri Matisse.
Alesia Metro Line 4 MAP

3. Reny Coty

Continue on to Avenue Reny Coty (MAP) for a lovely walk.

To end, make your way up to and enjoy the bustle, bars and brasseries of:

4. Montparnasse (Map)


View our google trail below! (click map)
Other places of interest along the way:
Montparnasse Cimitere
Raspail Fresh Markets (wkends)
and as many cobbled side streets you can find!


  1. Thankyou for this. This afternoon we have finally decided that next year we will finally get to Paris. Now on the lookout for an apartment for 2 adults 2 kids (11 and 15) for the last week of Sept 2014.

  2. Becci that is so wonderful!! September is an amzing time to visit - perhaps the BEST time!! I would be so dleighted to help you find a perfect B&B or apartment for your family. My name is Regina :) If you fill out our online booking form with your details then I will get back to you with a list of beautiful options :) Here is the direct link to our online form:
    Thanks so much Becci, I look forward to hearing from you and helping you. I hope our blog posts also serve as great inspiration and helpful to plan all your sightseeing adventures in Paris :) stay with us! Regina xx

  3. Or go to - and just click on the 'Bookings' link and this will take you to our online boking form. Merci Becci