Monday, September 16, 2013

L'Aparment hits the BIG Time - featured in Escape Travel! Petite Publicite

It a sweet Monday indeed. In fact it was a sweet Sunday.
Our brand spanking new, just-launched-last-week, Website called L'Apartment ( is barely out of 'daipers' and it has already been featured in the national Travel papers in Australia.

Across the nation, at all sunny sunday cafes, littered with breaky/brunch dwellers and the sunday papers, the most widely regarded ESCAPE travel section of the Sunday Telegraph/Courier Mail and so forth... ran a little feature on us. L'Apartment and Petite Paris. Hurrah!!! wait a second it's a tad more exciting than that ... HHUURRRRRRRAAAAAAAH!! That's better - ahem! :)

L'Apartment is the sister site to and lists MORE Paris apartments for holiday rentals, as well as chateau, farmhouses, cottages and B&Bs throughout ALL of France too. Petite has gone national across France. all the homes on the new website are either Australian or French Owned.

Travellers can book their dream country abodes or their chic Parisian pads with L'Apartment (and Petite Paris) AND homeowners of French MAisons are invited to get their home listed on the website too!

The L'Apartment website ( was created thanks to the huge success of our first site Petite Paris. I found I was receiving so many Australians with homes in Paris and France who wanted to feature their homes to our guests and followers, but naturally we weren't able to add them to the Petite Paris website as it was a specialty Parisian owned B&B service. I also received many requests over the years about other regions of France, where to go and what else is there to see in France! So it seemed a natural progression/expansion to create this new site that would reap all the publicity benefits that we have acquired with Petite Paris, for these homeowners, such as yourselves.

L'Apartment also acts as a source of French information, educating Australians about Other regions of FRance, not just Paris and lists homes in those regions :)

Read the digital Version of the article HERE

All French regional. cultural information is courtesy and thanks to our French Partners: French Moments (in Australia (

Other Partners: Holidays to Europe - Your European Holiday Travel Sepcialists. Advising you on where to go, tours, transport, accommodation and more - for the REST of Europe! (

Its one big Franco-Aussie Partaaay at the Petite Pr headquarters! Merci Escape and the Editorial department who so wonderfully support our cause....GO TO PARIS...AND FRANCE!! :)


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