Sunday, September 8, 2013

Secret Diary of a Parisian Hostess

Q&A Parisian Hostess
Chantal, our Parisian B&B Mademoiselle!

We thought it might be fun to read what our highest rated B&B hostess had to say about her Australian guests!  

Where do most of your Australian guests come from?
Melbourne, but I don’t know why. I should ask ‘you’! *Laughs 

Finish this sentence, Generally Australian guests are… frivolous and refreshing, playful and light. Compared to other guests they are most friendly, relaxed and easy going, very adventurous and open to trying different things. It’s easy to have Australians stay.

What’s the strangest request you have received from a guest? One woman asked to have breakfast served in the evenings. Breakfast is late in Australia? *Laughs

What do you prepare? Australians are the most health conscious guests I have so they love that I only serve organic and/or gluten free (if requested). Baguettes, croissants, different pastries, pain au chocolate, brioche, muffins (Paris biologique bakeries) yogurt, fruits, cereals, cheeses, juice, coffee, tea, absolutely everything is organic.

Are Australians generally ‘private’ people? Like everyone they like their space but they are also more relaxed and are open to conversation. They want to feel independent and able to come and go (we give them their own key). As a host you must develop a sense of how much space and time guests need alone. I try to keep away from the lounge so they feel comfortable to rest there in silence if they want.

Any comment on any general Australian guest habits? They don't tend to return to the B&B during the day not even for a rest. They go a full day even into night and we see them only at breakfasts. They are either very quiet coming in and out or have a lot of energy! 

Has there ever been a time where you became attached to a guest? Yes one female Sydney friend who I exchange with regularly now! Also when it is a single guest, we spend more time together. I feel more motherly towards these solo travellers I know how appreciative they can be of real interaction with others particularly with locals – its often why they book an intimate B&B. 

What is your usual welcome process/ routine? Welcome the guests, show the bedroom, toilets, let them unpack and join us for a drink in the living room where I explain the subway network and give them a map of Paris, information, answer their questions, ask what they want for breakfast.

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