Sunday, November 10, 2013

4 ways to spend a Sunday in Paris

4 Ways to Spend a Sunday in Paris

1. Linger over Brunch
(and there's no shame in passing your entire day partaking in the act)

1. Cafe Charlot
If there is one MUST-DO Cafe in Paris, Charlot is it! Cosy but convival; traditional Parisian bistro with a retro charm; fantastic people watching, chic crowd, you can sit and read over endless cups of coffee, meet friends or work (free wifi) thats if your lucky enough to nab a coveted table; and the food is traditional delicious - absolutment gastronomique
Sunday brunch set menu 17euro - every thing from eggs, smoked salmon, cherry tomatoes, french toast, bread, cream, cheese, fresh coffee to champagne..
38 rue de Bretange 75003 
Montmartre rustic boulangerie. Brunch - A variety of pastries, soft-boiled egg, toast, smoked salmon, fruit salad and bowls of coffee - served all day long.
24 rue dea Abbesses. website
2. Shop in the Marais
  While most shops are closed on Sundays including the department stores, the boutiques in the marais are open so you can still get your shopping fix.
Start at rue vieille du Temple and begin exploring from there.
3. Browse the Stacks Indulge your inner bookworm at one of Paris' historic bookstores
Tea and tattered pages
One of Paris’ most adorable spots, this cluttered hideaway is stacked floor-to-ceiling with books (mostly secondhand) of all genres and conditions.
24 rue mayet 75006

The Red Wheel Barrow
It’s impossible to walk by this shop’s bright red facade without wanting to take a peek inside, and as it’s located in the heart of the Marais, you’re likely passing by anyway.
22 rue St Paul 75004 website

4. Indulge in Sunday Sweets

Un Dimanche a Paris literally translated 'a sunday in paris' is the name of a chocolate concept store where you will often find mixologists mixing up chocolate cocktails, in the st germain. Its also a restaurant, lounge and cooking school! one should always spend un dimanche a a chocolate shop :) 4-6-8 Cour du Commerce Saint Andre 75006 Website

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