Friday, November 22, 2013

brasseries boulangeries and bars - oh my!

Boulangeries, Brasseries and Bars
Oh My...

Petite Paris' favourite 'B' words. After 'Bed' and 'Breakfast' of course - OUR Paris B&B's of course :)

Boulanger we LIKE: 
Gontran Cherrier

The simple, airy corner space, with shiny white metro-tiled walls and a mosaic floor, provides a showcase for Gontran's innovative take on traditional French baked goods. Offering simple bread but with numerous flavours, as well as bagels, rollsm tarts and cakes. These delights can all be eaten in, seated along the window seats, where you can read a paper and have a coffee, or indeed can be taken away.

22 rue Caulaincourt, 75018 Paris
Open 7.30am-8.30pm, Mon -Sat and 7.30am-7.30pm Sun. Closed Wed

Brasserie we LIKE: 
 Le Baron Rouge
It's the quintessential Paris wine bar and one of the most enjoyable. Hands down one of our FAVOURITES. And not just because we like to work our way through large lists of wine available to sip by the glass or POT!!

With the wines on offer, you can make a more than decent meal with a large or small platter composed of various cheeses, or pile up some of their excellent charcuterie on a crust of baguette. On weekends, the crowd spills out onto the sidewalk, where fresh oysters are heaped in baskets and a young man pops each one open, serving them by the half - or full-dozen on a tangle of glistening seaweed. There’s lots of regulars hanging out here, which makes you feel like you’ve crashed an insider’s-only place.
TIP: This is not a late night place, and if you ever want to turn up for a glass mid-morning you wont be alone!
Le Baron Rouge
1, rue Théophile-Roussel (12th)
Closed Mondays.

Bar we LIKE:  
Au Sauvignon

Au Sauvignon is in the chicest part of Saint-Germain and attracts a smart, fashionable clientele, who care as much about which designer outfit they wear as what wine they are drinking. Despite its name, the most popular wine here is probably Beaujolais, and there is a wide choice by the glass of many of the best Beaujolais crus - Morgon, Fleurie, Saint Amour. It is also one of the liveliest spots to celebrate the arrival of Beaujolais Nouveau on the third Thursday of November each year. The bar is near the most famous bakery in Paris - Poilane

80 Rue des Saints-Pères  75007 Paris Map

Enjoy bars, brasseries and boulangeries, my dears :)

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